Being an American of Cuban descent, I can certainly appreciate a good rump. There's just something about it that gets my latin blood boiling, which is exactly why I'm shocked that I haven't heard of the "Miss Bumbum Brasil" contest as it not only focuses on one of my favorite parts of a woman's body, but it's held in Brazil, which arguably has some of the most insanely hottest women on the planet.

The "Miss Bumbum Brasil" contest will be taking place this November and will crown one out of 27 competitors with each representative coming from each of Brazil's Federative Units. Online voting is currently open to anyone with a computer as I was able to vote for my Miss Bumbum Brasil choices just a moment ago.

Don't know who to vote for? Then the introduction video for "Miss Bumbum Brasil" is just what you've been looking for as it not only gives you 1:28 of some of the finest rumps in the competition, but it also introduces you to another side of each contestant: her face and chest.

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