Well the Xbox One unveiling has come and gone, and Microsoft's pre-E3 keynote is officially over, but there's one bit of news from the event that's likely to have Minecraft fans at peak levels of excitement for the next few days.

At long last, the annual video game tradeshow known as E3 has finally made its return to Los Angeles, and dozens of gaming announcements are already pouring out of press conferences being held across the city, before the exhibition floor even opens for the first time on Tueday. In addition to new games to the blockbuster games like Halo or Titanfall, it seems the independent game development scene is still making plenty of waves, with word that Mojang's popular sandbox game Minecraft is going next-gen.

It probably shouldn't come as a shock to many, given the runaway commercial success of 4J Studios Xbox Live Indie Arcade port of Minecraft, but today's Xbox One presentation included word that the game isn't being abandoned with the last generation of consoles/games. Instead, it seems Minecraft is headed to Xbox One as well, though there certainly isn't much else in the way of game information at this time. It's also unclear whether or not the Minecraft Xbox One release date will be coming alongside or after the launch of Microsoft's next Xbox.

There's no word on who will be handling development of Minecraft Xbox One, though we'd assume 4J Studios will continue the work they began with Minecraft Xbox 360 last year, or what sorts of new features might be coming to Minecraft Xbox One when it debuts. Fans will undoubtedly be hoping to see texture pack and mod support in a console version of Minecraft for the first time, though it's possible that the dev team could have other ideas in mind as well.

Check out the official Minecraft Xbox One announcement for yourself:

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What do you think of Mojang's decision to create another version of Minecraft for the Xbox One? Think Minecraft Xbox One will see as much commercial success as its PC, mobile or XBLA counterparts? Wish Scrolls was going over to Xbox Live too?

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