It looks like it's going to be a great year for "Minecraft" Xbox 360 fans, with word that the game's February title update will introduce a new dimension, boss character, and more to one of the most popular games on Xbox Live.

The next "Minecraft" Xbox 360 update will finally introduce "The End", an alternate dimension that contains only a small landmass and the Enderdragon -- Mojang's take on the "final boss" found in most video games on the market. While many fans would likely have been happy with little else besides the new boss/dimension, "Minecraft" console developer 4J Studios has also confirmed that more new content will debut in the upcoming "Minecraft" Xbox 360 update.

On Monday afternoon, after a "Minecraft" Xbox 360 fan tweeted a question about Update 9 to the official 4J Studios Twitter account, the development studio revealed that they were planning to include more than just The End and the Enderdragon in "Minecraft" Xbox 360 Update 9; however, the studio didn't elaborate on what else they have in store for gamers.

Official Xbox Magazine says the company is considering a feature that would allow users to reset the Nether separately from the remainder of their game worlds -- to give access to newer features like the Nether Stronghold to those who might have already pillaged The Nether on worlds they created soon after the game's launch -- though its possible inclusion appears to be nothing more than speculation at this time.

Heavy speculation is likely to surround the additional content 4J Studios is prepping for gamers when "Minecraft" Xbox 360 Update 9 hits Xbox Live in the months ahead, though previous comments from the studio have opened the possibility for a number of "Minecraft" PC features to debut in the Xbox 360 version of the game. 4J Studios has already confirmed that climbable vines will make their debut with "Minecraft" Xbox 360 Update 9, and it's always possible 4J could be readying newer blocks like the Dropper or Hopper minecart being introduced in the Minecraft 1.5 Redstone Update.

Many were shocked to hear that the game would soon be getting texture pack support, though there's still no word on whether or not 4J Studios will ever be able to add third-party mod support to "Minecraft" Xbox 360 as well.

4J Studios just released "Minecraft" Xbox 360 Update 8 at the end of January, which aimed to fix a number of bugs which plagued the worlds of "Minecraft" Xbox 360's five million-plus users. The eighth "Minecraft" Xbox 360 update fixed a number of random crashes, animal husbandry issues introduced in Update 7, furnace fuel bugs, and a variety of other problems, but also became the first title update not to introduce new mobs or blocks since "Minecraft" Xbox 360 was released last May.

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