Minecraft Xbox 360 update 1.8.2 is eagerly anticipated by most Minecraft users playing on the console, and now that the update is far into the Microsoft certification process, fans are more eager than ever to know details about the update and what it will do to their existing campaigns. The Minecraft Xbox update 1.8.2 is said to be one of the most ambitious updates to the game to date. The makers of Minecraft promise that it will transform the game into something with more danger, more purpose and of course, more opportunities to build amazing constructions.

4J Studios, the game development studio responsible for Minecraft, said that it will add three new game modes. First and foremost, for the game's best builders, Minecraft will offer up "Superflat Worlds" that will save users from having to level mountain ranges and hills while trying to build something colossal. The only downside is that users will no longer be able to discover buried structures such as Strongholds, and it will also be easier for enemies to find you one the map. With that in mind, if you've ever been itchin' to create something truly massive, Superflat Worlds will give you the opportunity to do that.

Minecraft Xbox 360 Update 1.8.2 will also feature a new "Creative Mode" that's a lot like "God Mode" in other games. Creative Mode gives users the ability to fly, access to infinite blocks of all kinds and an enemy-free world to build without the hassle of having to survive or even gather elements to build with. The update will also allow users to build something in Creative Mode, back out and reload the level in Surival Mode, that way not all of the fun is lost.

Minecraft will make the game better for first-time users, too. The existing Tutorial World and its Easter eggs have been completely replaced. The new version of the Tutorial World adds all the new structures, terrains, feature and mechanics. The game's development team has also added 12 addition hidden chests to discover according to Xbox Magazine.

Since, in many ways, the game's mechanics and gameplay are being overhauled, many fans have been nervous about whether their existing Minecraft worlds would be deleted after the update. Thankfully, there's a strong chance that your Minecraft world will not be deleted after the 1.8.2 update. Stuart Ross of 4J Studios tweeted that the new mechanics such as hunger and sprinting "will be universal, so you can play with those features on your old worlds; just world generation that's different."

Although Minecraft Xbox 360 update 1.8.2 will add new terrain types, those types won't be injected into existing worlds on your Xbox. Instead, the new terrain will begin to appear as you explore blank spaces on the map. There won't be any changes made to worlds that have already been generated according to tweets from Stuart Ross.

So, if you've been building a Minecraft world for several months, we recommend that you hold tight until the update comes out. At the very least, limit your exploration to one direction so that when the features are added in the new update, you want need to travel as far to access the new material.

There is still no definitive release date set for Minecraft Xbox 360 Update 1.8.2.