Minecraft Xbox 360 Update 14 Check out the latest pair of Minecraft Xbox 360 Update 14 teaser images from 4J Studios and find out what we else we've learned about the next round of content coming to the studio's various console ports of Minecraft later this year. (PHOTO: 4J Studios)

Twenty-four hours after releasing their first Minecraft Xbox 360 Update 14 teaser of the week, featuring what appears to be a brand new texture pack for the team's first Minecraft port, 4J Studios is back with a new photo of the title update headed to Minecraft Xbox 360 later this year.

This week marked the third time this year that we've been treated to new Minecraft Xbox 360 Update 14 teasers from the folks at 4J Studios, though it's been a few weeks since the company last published new photos from its next major Minecraft content boost. Last month, 4J Studios released a pair of photos to prove that work had resumed on Minecraft Xbox 360 Update 14, tease the upcoming Xbox One version of the game, and to show that the new Minecraft content would be available in the PlayStation 3 and PS4 ports of the game as well.

Now, we've got two more pictures from a developmental build of Minecraft Xbox 360 Update 14, offering early glimpses of several changes coming to Minecraft PS3 and Minecraft Xbox 360 sometime in the next few weeks. First, 4J Studios published a new image on the company's official Twitter account, revealing both an in-house project (based on this building) and an all-new City texture pack for Minecraft Xbox 360.

Minecraft Xbox 360 Update 14 Minecraft Xbox 360 Update 14 (PHOTO: 4J Studios)

As if that weren't enough, the studio returned on Thursday with a split screen photo of the various interfaces that will be changing when Update 14 finally heads to PSN and Xbox Live; a photo which also served as visual confirmation that villager trading is coming in Update 14. Thursday's teaser also confirmed Golden Carrots will be coming to Minecraft's console incarnations when Title Update 14 goes live, and shows a player using the soon-to-be-released Iron Anvil to rename a pickaxe.

Unfortunately, there's still no word on when the next title update will be ready for distribution, or when Minecraft will be making its long-awaited debut on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. As always, we'll keep our ear to the ground, and update the site as new information on Minecraft Xbox 360 Update 14 release date becomes available.

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