[UPDATE 9/9 9:45am EST] 4J Studios has confirmed that minecarts will be getting a speed increase in Minecraft Xbox 360 Update 13, and the studio hopes that more builders will use the upgrade to create rollercoasters in the XBLA Minecraft port.

Just two weeks after releasing Minecraft Xbox 360 Update 12, and days after the debut of the game's first Mash-Up Pack, 4J Studios is already back on Twitter, teasing new information about Minecraft Xbox 360 Update 13 and the next round of Mash-Up Pack and Texture Pack being developed by the studio.

Unlike Minecraft Xbox 360 Update 12, which introduced the Jungle biome, new mobs and dozens of other major changes to the game, 4J Studios says Minecraft Xbox 360 Update 13 will be used to address a number of new and previously-existing bugs from 4J Studios' popular Minecraft port. The studio is still soliciting bug reports via Curse's Minecraft forums (thread here). Unfortunately, there's still no word on a launch window for Minecraft Xbox 360 Update 13 at this time.

In far more interesting Minecraft Xbox 360 news, 4J Studios confirmed that Microsoft is currently looking into the legality/feasibility of bringing popular PC texture packs over to Minecraft Xbox 360 in future. While both Microsoft and 4J are interested in bringing over some of the original Minecraft's most popular texture packs, the sheer number of contributors on some projects is one of several obstacles that could ultimately keep existing Minecraft texture packs from popping up in Minecraft Xbox 360.

4J Studios also offered up a few teasers for upcoming Minecraft Xbox 360 Texture Packs, telling on Twitter user that the studio would be releasing a custom Minecraft Xbox 360 Texture Pack in the near future, and also teased a Halloween Texture Pack that's presumably coming sometime next month. For now, the recently released Minecraft Xbox 360 Mass Effect Mash-Up Pack remains the only purchasable add-on for Minecraft Xbox 360 that takes advantage of the game's recently introduced Mash-Up and Texture Pack support.

If you haven't already, check out the official trailer for the Minecraft Xbox 360 Mass Effect Mash-Up Pack, produced by popular YouTube production group Hat Films:

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Now that it's been out for a few days, what are your thoughts on the Minecraft Xbox 360 Mash-Up Pack released on Tuesday? Experiencing major bugs with either of the recent Minecraft Xbox 360 releases that you'd like to see fixed in Minecraft Xbox 360 Update 13? Is there a texture pack currently available to PC Minecraft players that you'd like to see released for Minecraft Xbox 360?

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