[UPDATE 9/1 6:30pm EST] Hat Films' trailer for the first Minecraft Xbox 360 Mash-Up Pack -- which transforms the game to mirror the world of EA's Mass Effect series -- is now live and available for viewing at the bottom of this article. Addiitional screenshots can be found on 4J Studios' Twitter feed, and details on the $3.99 Minecraft Xbox 360 Mash-Up Pack can be found on the studio's website.

It's been exactly one week when Microsoft and 4J Studios surprised Minecraft fans with the sudden release of Minecraft Xbox 360 Update 12 and, while there's still been no sign of the Texture and Mash-Up Packs that were supposed to debut alongside the latest Minecraft Xbox 360 update, it seems we'll be getting our first look at the upcoming content sooner rather than later.

Fans haven't hesitated to let 4J Studios know how unhappy they were when yet another Minecraft Xbox 360 update launched without the long-promised texture pack support, particularly after 4J Studios spent so much time getting fans hyped for the debut of Minecraft Xbox 360's new Mash-Up Pack system.

Representatives for 4J Studios have spent much of the last week fielding questions about the lack of Mash-Up and Texture Packs in Minecraft Xbox 360 Update 12, assuring fans that the content was still on the way, before confirming the first Minecraft Xbox 360 Mash-Up Pack was being held up by unspecified legal issues.

Thankfully, it seems we'll only be waiting two more days for a look at the first Mash-Up Pack being released by 4J Studios, according a new tweet from the company, though there's still no word on which world(s) we can expect to see recreated in Minecraft when the Minecraft Xbox 360 Mash-Up Pack trailer goes live on Sunday. Several members of the Minecraft Xbox 360 community seem convinced that the first Mash-Up Pack will be inspired by BioWare's Mass Effect series; however, 4J Studios has yet to reveal any specific information about Minecraft Xbox 360's Mash-Up Packs at this time.

The new trailer was apparently produced by Hat Films, a popular YouTube production group that's become well-known for their Minecraft videos in recent years, though the group does produce content covering a wide variety of other topics and video games as well.

[UPDATED] Here's the announcement trailer for 4J Studios' Mass Effect Minecraft Xbox 360 Mash-Up Pack:

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What do you think 4J Studios has planned for the first official Minecraft Xbox 360 Mash-Up Pack? Still disappointed that the content wasn't ready for release alongside Minecraft Xbox 360 Update 12? Have an idea for a Mash-Up or Texture Pack that you'd like to see created for Minecraft Xbox 360?

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