Just under one month after releasing Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition via the PlayStation Network, 4J Studios have released patch notes for the game's latest patch, and the next round of bug fixes for Minecraft PS3 should be a welcome sight for those still struggling to play their copy of the game.

Though it'll still be a few more days before the content makes its way onto the PlayStation Network, 4J Studios has confirmed that the Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition dev team has submitted the game's next set of bug fixes to Sony for final certification. Assuming everything goes to plan, Minecraft PS3 v1.03 should be available for download next Tuesday, but we won't have to wait any longer to find out what exactly is being fixed in the next Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition update.

On Monday afternoon, a member of the 4J Studios team hopped on the Minecraft Forums, the team's chosen outlet for publishing new information on the various console ports under development at 4J Studios, where they proceeded to publish the (surprisingly brief) patch notes from Minecraft PS3 v1.03.

A few fans may be disappointed to know that there still isn't any new content for Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition; however, those still having issues playing the game with their friends will likely welcome the myriad multiplayer/splitscreen bugs and crashes addressed in the Minecraft PS3's v1.03 patch. The latest Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition update also addresses several lighting issues in the PS3 version of the game, along with some remaining rendering and memory issues.

Unfortunately, the patching process remains much more involved on dedicated game consoles than it does on the PC, where weekly snapshots of upcoming Minecraft content deliver far more frequent content and bug fix updates for those playing the original Java version of Minecraft. On the plus side, it seems the latest round of bug fixes for Minecraft PS3 have the game in a much more stable form than it's ever been, freeing parts of the 4J Studios team back up to return to work on more content for Minecraft Xbox 360 Title Update 14.

The next Minecraft Xbox 360 title update will apparently be based on Minecraft 1.3.1, meaning we should soon see in the console versions of the game, and previous tweets from 4J Studios have suggested that future content patches (including Title Update 14) are likely to be released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 at roughly the same time. In the interim, why not check out the complete list of changes from this week's Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition update?

Here's the complete Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition v1.03 change log:

- Fix for issue in multiplayer/splitscreen which could cause save file corruption.

- Fix for memory issue causing random game freezes and exits to XMB.

- Fix for being unable to join games at times ("The host has exited the game" message incorrectly being displayed).

- Fix for splitscreen crash on adding a player when language is Russian.

- Fix for issue which can prevent leaderboard updates and some trophy awards.

- Fix for issue causing "No DLC offers available" message when converting trial to full version.

- Fix for game render glitch when a new streaming music track starts up.

- Fix for a lighting issue on a network client.

- Fix for the block damage decal being incorrectly offset

- Fix for selected item text not fading off screen if a menu is opened when it's visible.

- Fix for "Where are we now" music disc

- Fix for issue with Ghasts firing at certain angles

- A few rendering performance improvements

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What do you think of the latest patch for Minecraft PS3? Are you still experiencing an issue with Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition that hasn't been addressed in any of the game's existing patches? Hoping to see a particular block or feature included in the content update for the Xbox 360 and PS3 ports of Minecraft?

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