Just 24 hours after releasing Minecraft snapshot 13w37a, which introduced a number of backend changes ahead of the Minecraft 1.7 Update, Mojang continued their tradition of cranking out one Minecraft preview build after another - the latest being Minecraft snapshot 13w37b and the Minecraft 1.6.3 pre-release.

On Thursday, Mojang's weekly preview of the Minecraft 1.7 Update delivered a number of long-requested changes that's continued to excite fans as much as the team's recent overhaul of the Minecraft world generator. Not only did Minecraft snapshot 13w37b introduce a variety of new click-based functionality to the game's relatively-dated chat system, it also stripped away the previous 256-character limit for Command Blocks, giving Builders countless new options for using the blocks in-tandem with the game's new /summon command.

Unfortunately, there isn't much in the way of exciting information to share about the latest preview of the Minecraft 1.7 Update, or the Minecraft 1.6.3 pre-release for that matter, as the new updates only address a total of three bugs between them. That wasn't a typo. Three.

Of course, if you are one of the people who was experiencing issues with your /give commands or the redesigned Nether Portals from Minecraft snapshot 13w37a, then making the jump to Minecraft snapshot 13w37b is pretty much a no-brainer. Similarly, the 1.6.3 pre-release build will appeal to anyone regularly losing randomly-generated structures when saving their world file(s) in the Minecraft 1.6.2 update.

To check out either Minecraft snapshot 13w37b or the Minecraft 1.6.3 pre-release, simply open up the Minecraft launcher, follow the steps found here if you haven't already, and then switch over to either of the latest releases via the drop-down menu in the lower-left-hand corner of the window. For server files, head over to the official Mojang blog.

Here's the Minecraft snapshot 13w37b change log:

  • Fixed some bugs


    • Fixed portals overlaying each other not rendering correctly
    • Fixed an exception with the /give command

And the Minecraft 1.6.3 Pre-Release change log:

  • Fixed some bugs


    • Fixed structures such as witch huts and nether fortresses not getting saved with the world file

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Have you already had a chance to try out the latest pair of Minecraft updates? Glad to see that Mojang didn't wait until the launch of the Minecraft 1.7 Update to address the issue of disappearing structures when saving world files? Have an idea for a new block or feature you'd like to see in an upcoming Minecraft snapshot?

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