Forty-eight hours after releasing the first preview build of the Minecraft 1.7 Update, Mojang is back with another early look at their next big content boost for the 12 million-plus still enjoying the studio's sandbox title - though Minecraft snapshot 13w36b isn't quite as exciting as the early build which surfaced late last week.

Last Thursday, Mojang delivered the first of what is likely to become a virtual parade of Minecraft 1.7 preview builds, and fans around the globe have largely responded in positive fashion to the cornucopia of changes introduced in Minecraft snapshot 13w36a. Of course, the biggest change from the Minecraft 1.7 Update is easily the game's newly-updated world generation systems, though the new Minecraft world generator was hardly the only notable change in Minecraft snapshot 13w36a.

Naturally, with any developmental build of Minecraft come the typical assortment of previously-unseen or newly-resurgent bugs, though Mojang apparently doesn't plan to make players wait long for new fixes. Just a couple of days after letting loose the first preview of the Minecraft 1.7 Update, the Minecraft dev team returned with Minecraft snapshot 13w36b on Saturday, featuring fixes for nearly a dozen prominent bugs from the latest build of the game.

Relatively little is known about Mojang's other plans for the Minecraft 1.7 Update, outside of the handful of details already being teased on reddit, leaving many fans to wonder what else Mojang could have in-store for fans with whatever patch follows the debut of Minecraft snapshot 13w36b. Additional biomes and world generation changes are expected to appear in upcoming previews of the Minecraft 1.7 Update, and Nathan "Dinnerbone" Adams has been teasing a non-gameplay-related update on Twitter; however, there's relatively little concrete information about other features being planned for the Minecraft 1.7 Update.

Here's the full Minecraft snapshot 13w36b change log:

  • - Armor, Bows and Swords can now get the Unbreaking enchant from enchantment tables - via
  • - Small update to the Super Secret Options
    • -- Now plays a random sound when clicked
  • - Fixed some bugs

    • -- Fixed the Mesa biome not spawning properly
    • -- Fixed the server console being spammed with TranslatableComponent debug messages
    • -- Fixed enchantments not being displayed and not working
    • -- Fixed being unable to obtain the achievement "Beginning?"
    • -- Fixed being unable to take screenshots in GUIs/chat
    • -- Fixed all attacks showing enchanted particles
    • -- Fixed eating Pufferfish/Salmon/Clownfish producing normal fish particles
    • -- Fixed sound preferences not saving
    • -- Fixed crash reports mentioning suspicious classes
    • -- Fixed a typo in /achievement give
    • -- Fixed the achievement 'Adventure Time' showing the wrong icon
    • -- Fixed the commands.summon.outOfWorld string missing
    • -- Fixed two NPEs

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What do you think of the first pair of Minecraft 1.7 preview builds? Still discovering new content and/or biomes which were added in Minecraft snapshot 13w36a? Disappointed that a particular bug or gameplay tweak wasn't included in Minecraft snapshot 13w36b over the weekend?

Let us know in the comments section!

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