You'll have to forgive me for being a bit late with news on the latest preview of the Minecraft 1.6 update - a crazy floor/travel schedule on the final day of E3 left me pretty wiped out on Friday - but it's finally time for a look at all the changes introduced with Minecraft snapshot 13w24a and 13w24b!

Folks from across the gaming industry descended upon Los Angeles this week, but not everyone made the trek to this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo. Of course, while Minecraft Xbox One turned some heads during Microsoft's pre-E3 keynote, the entire Mojang team remained in Sweden, both celebrating the massive success of Scrolls' first week and preparing yet another pair of Minecraft 1.6 preview snapshots.

First up was Minecraft snapshot 13w24a, which swaps the game's existing Texture Pack system for the Resource Pack system first promised by Jens Bergensten last month, and patched up a handful of mob-related bugs. Squid farmers will be happy to know that the team fixed a pair of bugs which made collecting the aquatic mobs fairly difficult, one which caused Squids to take damage while underwater, and another which simply made it hard to spawn Squids at all.

Surprisingly, for the second week in a row, the Mojang team released not one, but two new developmental builds of the Minecraft 1.6 update, with Minecraft snapshot 13w24b going live roughly 24 hours after 13w24a hit Mojang's servers. While it didn't include nearly anything as game-changing as the new Resource Pack system, Minecraft snapshot 13w24b did add a new Absorption status effect to the game, along with dozens of fixes for everything from zombie damage to command block bugs.

To check out the latest Minecraft 1.6 preview builds, just open the developmental Minecraft launcher released alongside Minecraft snapshot 13w16a during late April, or head over to the official Mojang blog to download MinecraftDev.exe if you haven't already.

Here's the full Minecraft snapshot 13w24a change log:

  • - Spiders can now spawn with potion effects
  • - Removed Texture Pack support, added Resource Packs
  • - Made spawn eggs work on water
  • - Added doDaylightCycle gamerule
  • - Fixed some bugs

    • -- Fixed mobs spawning and despawn right away in peaceful
    • -- Fixed the "The End?" achievement being unachievable
    • -- Fixed the persistenceRequired tag freezing mobs
    • -- Fixed squids taking damage while in water
    • -- Fixed it being hard to spawn squids
    • -- Fixed the scoreboard "health" objective set to display "belowname" disconnecting players on MP with end of stream message
    • -- Fixed the lava texture animation moving too fast and animated textures ignoring text files
    • -- Fixed eyes of ender not directing players to the nearest stronghold

And the Minecraft snapshot 13w24b change log:

  • - Added new status effect
    • -- "Absorption"
    • -- Adds 2 extra hearts per level, which disappear when taking damage
    • -- When taking damage, these hearts are used up first
    • -- Every 30 seconds, the extra hearts re-appear
  • - Rebalanced golden apples

    • -- They now give Absorption instead of Health Boost
    • -- OP golden apples now give Regeneration 5
  • - Fixed some bugs

    • -- Fixed command blocks choosing wrong people and selecting players cross-dimensional
    • -- Fixed attempting to move servers in the server list without selecting a server crashing the game
    • -- Fixed zombies with increased health not dealing damage
    • -- Fixed using the autocomplete function in chat disconnecting clients in MP
    • -- Fixed Resistance V and above stopping /killfrom working
    • -- Fixed a game tick speed issue?
    • -- Fixed health scoreboards not displaying hearts from health boost effect
    • -- Fixed taking damage when removing health boost effect
    • -- Fixed disabled natural regeneration not working in peaceful
    • -- Fixed health overflow not being removed when health boost effect ends
    • -- Fixed baby zombie spawners crashing the game
    • -- Fixed server connection bars in Multiplayer Menu or Ingame missing
    • -- Fixed resource packs still being named "Texture Packs" in options
    • -- Fixed health boost effect showing "potion.healthBoost" instead of its name
    • -- Fixed minecarts using the wrong texture
    • -- Fixed the fire charge texture being green
    • -- Fixed the fire animation jumping and skipping frames
    • -- Fixed the GUI being broken when the boss health bar is visible
    • -- Fixed carpet being unable to be placed on top of iron bars
    • -- Fixed the texts for "credits" and "end" not showing up properly
    • -- Fixed a doDaylightCycle bed bug
    • -- Fixed biome colormaps not updating on texture pack change

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What do you think of the new Resource Pack system introduced in Minecraft snapshot 13w24a? Still experiencing a bug(s) that wasn't fixed in Minecraft snapshot 13w24a or snapshot 13w24b? Hoping to see a particular feature added to the game before the Minecraft 1.6 update goes live?

Let us know in the comments section!

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