Just in time for the weekend, Minecraft dev team has revealed another weekly preview of the Minecraft 1.6 update, announcing Minecraft snapshot 13w19a via the official Mojang blog on Friday morning.

It's a day late, but something tells us that most Minecraft fans aren't going to be complaining about the release of Minecraft snapshot 13w19a just 24 hours after programmer Nathan "Dinnerbone" Adams confirmed that a mid-week holiday had delayed the latest preview of the Minecraft 1.6 update. Luckily, it seems that Adams may have simply been having a bit of fun, while the Minecraft dev team put the finishing touches on yet another Minecraft 1.6 preview snapshot.

The latest Minecraft 1.6 preview snapshot brings a couple of changes that are likely to excite many longtime Minecraft players; most notably, the bestowing of access to the inventories of any mules or donkeys that you may have captured while playing previous Minecraft 1.6 preview snapshots. Minecraft snapshot 13w19a also introduced stained hardened clay blocks, giving players a new rainbow of colored blocks to use in their creations. Several blocks also got new textures, presumably to guarantee that they could be differentiated from the new stained clay blocks introduced in the latest Minecraft 1.6 preview.

A handful of additional bug fixes and game tweaks were also included in Minecraft snapshot 13w19a, including a change that will see mobs spawn as groups once again, instead of just individually around your world(s) and/or server(s). The Minecraft dev team also fixed a bug which left coal blocks unburnable, furnace minecarts improperly consuming coal in the game's Creative mode, and a couple other less-common Minecraft issues to boot.

To download Minecraft snapshot 13w19a, simply open the new Minecraft launcher; or head over to the official Mojang blog if you haven't already downloaded the Minecraft executable that was introduced alongside Minecraft 1.6 preview snapshot 13w16a late last month.

Here's the full Minecraft snapshot 13w19a change log:

  • - Added stained hardened clay
  • - Enabled access to the donkey & mule inventories

    • -- Right-click while sneaking to open it
  • - Changed the textures for Charcoal, Coal Block, and Lapis Lazuli

  • - Made mobs spawn as groups again
  • - Command blocks no longer are minable in Survival
  • - Fixed some bugs

    • -- Fixed furnace minecarts consuming coal in Creative
    • -- Fixed duplicating phantom bows appearing after using up a bow
    • -- Fixed coal blocks not being flammable
    • -- Fixed the dirt background in menus being blurry

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Are you experiencing a bug that hasn't been fixed in Minecraft 1.5.2 or any of the weekly Minecraft 1.6 preview snapshots? Excited about stained hardened clay and/or donkey inventories introduced in Minecraft snapshot 13w19a? Have an idea you'd like to see added to Minecraft 1.6 before the official release?

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