Well, the Minecraft 1.6 release date may still be more than a month away, but a new teaser from a member of Mojang's Minecraft PC dev team has all but guaranteed at least one major new addition will be coming with the next Minecraft update.

It's been a busy year for Minecraft, with major updates being delivered to both the PC and Xbox 360 version of the game during the early months of 2013, along with confirmation that Mojang was already hard at work on their follow-up to the Minecraft 1.5 Redstone Update which debuted in March. While the team doesn't have a firm Minecraft 1.6 release date in mind just yet, Jens Bergensten has confirmed that Mojang is eyeing a May 2013 launch for the next major Minecraft patch, and is has now begun to tease possible changes coming to Minecraft.

Bergensten has become increasingly reliant on Twitter for all Minecraft development news in recent weeks, with the first word of possible May 2013 launch for Minecraft 1.6 coming on the popular social media service, along with the news that Minecraft 1.5.1 went live on March 21. It's been a strange departure from Mojang's usual messaging platform -- the company's official website/blog -- which has only been updated once in the last two weeks.

While horses appear to be the spotlight addition coming with Minecraft 1.6, new (presumably rideable) mobs certainly won't be the only change coming to Minecraft, though it remains to be seen what else the folks at Mojang have in store for gamers. In fact, according to his latest interview with Polygon, not even Notch knows what Bergensten & Co. are planning for Minecraft 1.6 and/or the game's future. Fortunately, Bergensten maintains a (semi) regularly updated Reddit post with information on what the team is planning for the next Minecraft update.

Sales of the PC edition of Minecraft have also passed the 10 million mark, just over a week after 4J Studios confirmed that more than 6 million people have downloaded Minecraft Xbox 360 via Xbox Live. Thankfully for Mojang, with each version created by different teams (and for different target audiences), the Minecraft Xbox 360 and PC editions seem capable of thriving without cannibalizing their respective user bases.

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