We're not even a month removed from the release of the "Minecraft" 1.5 Redstone Update, and the 1.5.1 incremental patch has only been live for two weeks, but it seems the Mojang team is already more than happy to discuss the "Minecraft" 1.6 released date.

Taking to what has become his medium of choice for "Minecraft" announcements in recent days, Mojang programmer Jens Bergensten hopped on Twitter, Wednesday, to reveal that the "Minecraft" dev team is currently aiming to release the "Minecraft" 1.6 update sometime during May 2013. The Mojang programmer wasn't ready to talk specifics on Wednesday, but did hint at the possibility of new mobs coming being introduced on the "Minecraft" 1.6 release date.

Though Bergensten was hesitant to talk about the "Minecraft" 16 update on Wednesday, the Mojang programmer maintains an active presence on reddit, and regularly updates a post with planned game additions on the /r/minecraft subreddit under his redstonehelper moniker. While any number of new blocks would likely be welcomed by the community, I'd be willing to bet most are holding out hope for the long-promised "Minecraft" modding API to make its debut in either the "Minecraft" 1.5.2 patch or the "Minecraft" 1.6 update.

Bergensten also confirmed that the Mojang team will be taking a few weeks off from its previously blistering "Minecraft" snapshot release schedule, which culminated in five "Minecraft" preview releases hitting the web in the final two weeks before the launch of the "Minecraft" 1.5 Redstone Update.

The "Minecraft" snapshot draught won't last long though. In fact, Bergensten says that the team responsible for the Minecraft Realms server-hosting service have asked Mojang to push the "Minecraft" 1.5.2 update sometime during the month of April. There's no word on what gamers might expect from the next "Minecraft" incremental update, other than the typical avalanche of bug fixes which accompany just about every official "Minecraft" release to date.

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