Recent preview snapshots may have many Minecraft players counting down the days until the Minecraft 1.6 update hits the web, but the Minecraft 1.5.2 incremental update shows Mojang hasn't quite forgotten about the Minecraft 1.5 Redstone Update.

It's been nearly two months since the Minecraft 1.5 Redstone Update went live, back in March, but that doesn't mean Mojang has diverted all of its attention to the Minecraft 1.6 update quite yet. Six days after the Minecraft 1.5.2 pre-release hit the web, alongside last week's Minecraft 1.6 preview snapshot , the finalized Minecraft 1.5.2 patch is now available via the "old" Minecraft launcher.

While Minecraft 1.6 will introduce several new blocks to Mojang's popular sandbox game, the Minecraft 1.5.2 update is focused almost entirely on eliminating remaining bugs and crashes after the Minecraft 1.5 Redstone Update and Minecraft 1.5.1 incremental patch.

Wolf and cat tamers will be happy to know that a bug which caused tamed animals to despawn has been eliminated, as has a bug which caused Endermen to become hostile after taking environmental damage without player involvement of any kind. Other anvil and furnace-related issues have been fixed as well, along with a bug related to Minecraft's "Hot Topic" achievement.

The bulk of the Minecraft 1.5.2 update seems to be behind-the-scenes updates meant to bolster the game's performance when connected to the Minecraft Realms service that Mojang hopes to launch sometime later this year. That fact won't come as a surprise to Mojang's biggest fans though, with head programmer Jens Bergensten suggesting as much when the Minecraft 1.5.2 patch was first mentioned last month.

Here's the full Minecraft 1.5.2 change log:


  • - Improved the Minecraft Realms feature
  • - Fixed many bugs
    • -- Fixed Jukebox music volume not decreasing
    • -- Fixed Anvils charging levels for nothing in MP when using languages other than English
    • -- Fixed tamed Wolves and cats despawning
    • -- Fixed Endermen becoming hostile when taking environmental damage
    • -- Fixed using Pick Block on an active Furnaces returning an activeFurnace
    • -- Fixed the "Hot Topic" achievement using a faceless Furnace icon
    • -- Fixed arrows floating mid-air when shot into a block
    • -- Fixed being able to use Anvils for free
    • -- Fixed many Minecraft Realms-related bugs

A new Minecraft 1.6 preview snapshot was also released on Thursday, and our write-up of Minecraft snapshot 13w18a will be up later this afternoon is up now! Be sure to check back with and follow Scott on Twitter for all the latest Minecraft news as game development continues in the weeks and months to come.

Still experiencing a bug(s) which Mojang hasn't addressed in the Minecraft 1.5.2 update and or the latest Minecraft 1.6 preview snapshot? Still waiting on the long-promised Minecraft API? Just want to brag about your latest creation?

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