Getting your hands on a Minecraft-ready device just became quite a bit cheaper.

While there's no denying that the MineCon 2012 capes are plenty incentive on their own, but many people attended conventions in hopes of being one of the first to learn new information about something they love. Minecraft fans who attended MineCon 2012 -- or followed the festivities online -- certainly weren't disappointed.

During the first day of MineCon 2012, the all things Minecraft convention being held in Disneyland Paris, Mojang kicked off their second annual fan gathering with a bevy of announcements about the current and future state of Minecraft. One of the most interesting, though not altogether surprising, bits was word that Minecraft: Pi Edition would soon be released for the Raspberry Pi single-board computer.

The Raspberry Pi has become increasingly popular with programmers and the DIY community alike for its versatility and relatively cheap price tag. The $35 single-board computer is about the size of a credit card, and have output a picture to the user's choice of a monitor or television. A variety of uses have already been found, including turning the tiny computer into a $35 XBMC media center, Android device, and now one of the cheapest LAN gaming experiences on the planet. Many people also expect the device to become common on college campuses as well, because it offers an ultra-low cost method for students to learn the basics of programming.

According to a post on the official Mojang site, Minecraft: Pi Edition is a result of many hours of programming by Mojang developers Aron Nieminen and Daniel Kaplan, both of whom are apparently quite big fans of the Raspberry Pi and Linux operating system. Minecraft: Pi Edition is a port of the popular Minecraft: Pocket Edition available on a variety of Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, and will feature a modified functionality set, and support a variety of programming languages for direct game modification.

So, do you own a Raspberry Pi already? Plan to get one? What's your favorite use for the single-board computer?

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