Minecraft fans rejoice! Notch, Mojang, and all things MineCraft will begin their partial takeover of Disneyland Paris in less than 24 hours, and we know where you can follow all the action.

MineCon 2012 is scheduled to take place this weekend, Nov. 24 - 25 from 9:30am - 16:00pm GMT (4:30am - 11:00am EST), but millions of players across the globe will be unable to attend the festivities at Disneyland Paris. Not only is that a relatively expensive trip, but we suspect that the park simply wasn't built to have 8 million or so people inside it simultaneously. Call it a theory if you must.

Anyways, unlike many other trade shows, gaming events, etc, the folks at Mojang are a little more internet-friendly, and won't be doing everything in their power to shut down any press/media outfits that are trying to broadcast events from the show. Thankfully, that means interested viewers will have plenty of ways to catch the MineCon 2012 keynote, individual presentations, and more.

The largest repository of information and coverage from MineCon 2012 will likely be found at Gamespot's UK site, though the official MineCon 2012 Tumblr would be a great starting point as well. Not only will the folks at Mojang be live-blogging the MineCon 2012 festivities on Tumblr, but an overlay with a livestream of the convention will be available as well. If you aren't familiar with the event's schedule, and why would you be if you aren't going to MineCon 2012? -- you can find that on the official Mojang website.

Of course, Gamespot won't be the only outlet covering all the action, and you should be able to find MineCon 2012 coverage on a variety of YouTube channels like DWSC Gaming. You can also expect to see major news from the event pop up around the web as well, including here at the International Digital Times, throughout the weekend.

Update: In addition the previously mentioned sources, two new outlets appear to have joined the MineCon 2012 coverage party. Those of you who prefer UStream will find a dedicated MineCon 2012 channel on the popular live streaming website, and live coverage will be available over at Planet Minecraft too. If you've got a favorite outlet covering MineCon 2012, that you don't see listed here, let us know in the comments section!

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