Mindy McCready has been found dead after being accused of killing her boyfriend, David Wilson. The country singer was 37.

She was found on Sunday night in Heber Springs, Ark., according to the Cleburne County, Ark., Sheriff's Office.

"Just got a call from Mindy McCready's best friend that she shot and killed herself this evening. My heart breaks for her two boys. RIP," Andrea Canning, a reporter for NBC's "Dateline," tweeted on Sunday.

The horrific McCready death, which is believed to be a suicide, comes on the heels of allegations that she killed her boyfriend, David Wilson, in mid-January.

After Wilson was found dead on Jan. 14 on the porch of their home in Heber Springs, Ark., friends, family and authorities were perplexed.

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"It could take weeks for the state crime lab to complete tests on Mr. Wilson's body. And if you'll notice, it was Mindy McCready's spokesperson -- not anyone involved in the investigation -- who made the determination that Mr. Wilson's death was due to a self-inflicted gunshot wound," Cleburne County Sheriff Marty Moss told the Enquirer.

McCready, who had several issues with the law, found herself fending off murder allegations. In a "Dateline" episode, she was asked, "For the record, did you kill David? Did you shoot David?"

"Oh my God, no. Oh my God, no. He was my life," McCready, who had a baby with Wilson, responded. "We were each other's life."

She denied reports that Wilson had an affair. But McCready admitted that she wasn't sure if the gunshots were self-inflicted by Wilson or someone else, simply saying, "I don't know."

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Scandals and run-ins with the law were nothing new for the 37-year-old country singer who had a troubled past. Tumultuous relationships were par for the course. In the late 1990s, she was engaged to actor Dean Cain, but later broke it off. She also dated NHL hockey player Drake Berehowsky and allegedly had a long affair with pitcher Roger Clemens that -- according to reports -- may have started when she was 15.

In May 2005, McCready's ex-boyfriend, Billy McKnight, was charged with attempted murder after he beat her up and choked her. Soon afterward, McCready attempted to commit suicide twice -- once when she was pregnant with McKnight's child. A pornographic video of McCready and an ex-boyfriend also went on sale in 2010.

Despite countless scandals, McCready insisted that Wilson was her "soul mate" and that she would never do anything to harm him.

Mindy McCready talked about David Wilson's death here: