"The Mindy Project" is now apparently advertising on Tinder, the casual hookup app, with fake profiles of Mindy Kaling and other characters from her show, Valleywag reported. While neither Tinder nor FOX have confirmed that this is the work of a cunning marketing team, it's pretty obvious from the text of Mindy's profile that it's an ad. It begins with: "Tiny doctor in a big city looking for love, friendship, or a donut that's so good it's spiritual. And ends with: "To see more about me, tune-in to THE MINDY PROJECT this Tuesday at 9:30/8:30c on FOX."

That Mindy Kaling could be on Tinder is not hard to believe, as users have previously reported being matched with former Miss USA Nana Meriwether and Lindsay Lohan also revealed she used the app when she tweeted that she had been matched with her brother. So when Mindy's photo popped up on users' phones, it could have been confusing especially since her first name is the same on the show. But users were being matched with the fictional Mindy Lahiri rather than the actress herself.

When Tinder users matched with Mindy swiped right on her photo, they even get a message from "The Mindy Project" star. "When I swiped right, we matched instantly, meaning that she - or more likely, her social campaign manager, or a script run by them - had already swiped right on me," a user told Valleywag. And at least one other character from "The Mindy Project", Danny, played by Chris Messina, is also on Tinder.

BuzzFeed noted that the reason for "The Mindy Project" to be on Tinder is the same as everyone else's, which is desperation. "The Mindy Project" has struggled in the ratings and is predicted as certain to be cancelled. Is being on Tinder a last ditch attempt to grab more viewers? Will it work?

Ironically, spambots have been blamed for ruining Grindr, Tinder's predecessor for gay men and automated computer programs are also rife on Tinder. So is turning Mindy Kaling into a dating spambot really the best way to engage with users? While this may work for Tinder, which is seen as lighthearted and fun, it would probably be frustrating to be matched with a fictional character if you were serious about online dating.

The Daily Dot noted that this isn't the first time that a TV show has advertised on Tinder. Last summer, characters from USA's "Suits" were also looking to hookup on the dating app. Though there is supposed to be an upcoming episode of "The Mindy Project" revolving around Tinder, so the profiles could also be used for that episode.

Do you think "The Mindy Project" advertising on Tinder is creative or obnoxious? Let us know in the comments.

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