Tweeting has its disadvantages ... especially if you're a celebrity in a much-publicized relationship.

Miley Cyrus' fiancé, Liam Hemsworth, reportedly begged the teen queen to stop discussing their relationship on Twitter after she tweeted comments on Sept. 13 that were seemingly directed at him and his inability to deal with emotions. So when Cyrus returned to Twitter yesterday, the rumor mill quickly exploded heralding the relationship's demise.

The source of the speculation? Three consecutive tweets:

"Everything that I understand, I understand only because I love." Leo Tolstoy

"Ive got some serious thinkin to do.... #decisions"

"Honesty is the way to go."

Celebrity sites assumed the hashtag "decisions" meant that Cyrus was considering ending her four-month engagement to the Hunger Games star. Olivia Rudensky, founder of the huge Miley Cyrus fan site, insists everyone's jumping to conclusions.

"Miley's new video is called 'Decisions,'" Rudensky told IDigitalTimes. "Most people don't know that so they make assumptions. She has always tweeted her favorite song lyrics and quotes."

Nevertheless Rudensky, who caters to Cyrus' fans on Twitter, admits that Miley's obsession with tweeting cryptic comments has become an image issue. "She's gotten so much hate for her tweets," Rudensky said. "It's frustrating to me that people [twist her words]. At least she's saying what she thinks."

The Twitter scandal comes on the heels of countless stories this summer claiming that Cyrus was having an identity crisis. Between June and August, the 19-year-old singer got engaged, chopped off her hair, dyed it platinum and lost a tremendous amount of weight.

Debuting a boyish bob, she tweeted a photo of herself in August, saying "feeling so happy in my skin." Soon afterwards, the Twitter universe exploded with nasty comments:

"Is Miley Cyrus having some teenage mid-life crisis!? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE YOU NUTTER," Kirsten Glasscoe tweeted.

"Whatever Miley Cyrus has done to her hair, she's obviously in some kind of mental crisis," Erin Aherne wrote.

To make matters worse, when Cyrus hit the Video Music Awards in early September, fans became alarmed when they saw that she'd lost her former curves.

"Miley is obsessed with her body now that she's engaged," a source said this summer. "She's been eating super-healthy, not that she needs to at all, and working out and doing yoga and toning up. We don't want her to go overboard. But she's just totally into her body now and wants to be.'"

Yet in the last few weeks Cyrus has gained a little weight and has seemed more stable. As a result, fans felt she was back on course.

"Her mom's always tweeting about how in love they are," Rudensky said. "I think the fact that she's so honest is good for her fans. It's just not good for her managers."