If one Melissa King video wasn't enough, many more could surface.

TMZ reports that the former Miss Teen Delaware USA, who resigned her pageant crown on Tuesday following accusations that she supposedly took part in a NSFW porn video shortly after her 18th birthday last March, has been offered $250,000 to promote the Internet's largest adult hardcore porn site YouPorn.

YouPorn.com, who wrote in a letter (click here to read) to King that they were "deeply saddened" by her resignation, want to compensate her by offering to crown her the first ever "Miss YouPorn" and pay her $250,000 to tour the world promoting the website. The letter doesn't mention, though, if the site actually wants her to participate in hardcore porn.

"As you now know, there is nothing more popular than a story involving ex beauty pageant contestants doing porn!" says the letter. "While your peers and the Pageant officials may not like the publicity this is generating for them, we absolutely see a real opportunity for us to work together!"

It goes on to state: "We believe your incredible beauty and personality coupled with our Internet traffic is a 'win win' for both of us."

Gawker received an anonymous tip on Tuesday that said a video originally found on the "real amateur girls" website GirlsDoPorn.com (NSFW!) starred King. The site, which posted the video on Monday, identifies the woman in the video as the 18-year-old King from Bethany Beach, who told the News-Journal that she was aware of the video but denied she was in it.

"Absolutely not," she said. "It is not [me]."

Regarding the porn site's claim, she said the following.

"There are comments saying this; however, it's not comments that are true."

Although King was crowned Miss Delaware Teen USA, which is run by the New York-based Miss Universe Organization, in November, she was the reigning Miss Teen Delaware International 2012 during the summer at the time this video was shot. Pageant spokeswoman Dara Busch, who is executive vice president and managing director with Rubenstein Public Relations, said the runner-up -- Hailey Lawler of the Newark, Del., area -- will take her position.

The alleged Miss Delaware video, which runs just over five minutes, starts with an interview on what looks to be a hotel bed. The woman doesn't reveal her name, but when an interviewer asks when she turned 18, she says "about three months ago. March."

The interviewer, who is neither seen nor identified throughout the video, then asks her what made her want to do her first adult video.

"I thought it'd be fun, and it sounded like I needed the money," the woman says. "So I just decided to do it."

The interviewer goes on to ask more questions, including if she has a boyfriend, when was the last time she had sex and how old she was the first time she had sex. That portion of the interview then fades into another set of questions where the interviewer asks her about being a "Miss. A Miss Teen?"

The woman at first acts reluctant to answer, but after the interviewer says he isn't "going to say the state or anything" and asks if she did beauty pageants, the woman responds, "I've done them, yes."

The interviewer then asks the woman if she has told anyone about doing the video, to which the she replies: "It's not a big secret. But I didn't tell anybody specifically what I was doing."

After the interview, the woman and a man, whose face is never seen, perform various sex acts.

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