Megyn Kelly, Fox News anchor extraordinaire, has renewed her contract with the cablecaster despite rumors that she would soon move to CNN. But there's one big difference in her new deal: Kelly may be moving from daytime to prime time, into the timeslot Greta van Susteren has ruled for the last decade. It would be the first shake-up anywhere in the Fox News prime time schedule in years. But it would be very unhostile.

Megyn Kelly, Fox News host of "America Live" since 2010 and guest host, segment host, and reporter around the network for a number of years before then, has reupped her contract, according to the New York Times. Neither Fox News, which never comments on contract negotiations, nor Megyn Kelly would confirm the new agreement, which was far from a sure thing. Greta van Sustern, host of "On the Record," also reupped in a new "long-term contract."

For Megyn Kelly, Fox News brought a good deal of fame, more than hosting a daytime news show normally does. That's because of the famous/infamous interaction Kelly had with Karl Rove on Election Night 2012, when Rove denied the legitimacy of Fox News' results correctly calling Ohio, and the United States, for incumbent President Barack H. Obama. The incident brought a good deal of extra profile to Kelly, just in time for a new round of contract negotiations.

In the contract negotiations with Megyn Kelly, Fox News eventually won out, despite reports that the anchor took meetings with several other major networks, including CNN and ABC. But Fox News is far and away the highest rated cable news channel, and it offered a choice titbit to incentivize Kelly to stay: the chance at a prime time news slot.

Megyn Kelly Fox News Primetime Greta van Susteren Greta van Susteren's "On the Record" hit record low ratings in-demo this year. (Image: Creative Commons / Bbsrock) Creative Commons/Bbsrock

Will Greta van Susteren give up her time slot to Megyn Kelly? Fox News may well orchestrate the change, and van Susteren probably wouldn't mind. First off, van Susteren's "On the Record" hit a rather unpleasant record this year -- its lowest ratings ever in the A25-54 demo, barely 15 percent more than her MSNBC counterpart. Kelly, on the other hand, has very strong daytime ratings. And van Susteren's spouse recently underwent treatment for cancer, and has stated that he'd "like to spend some quality time with [his] wife, at least before 11 p.m." Greta van Susteren did not comment.

So a change in the Greta van Susteren & Megyn Kelly Fox News lineups is very possible at some point in the future. Whatever the case, it won't happen immediately; Megyn Kelly is preparing for a third child, and summer isn't a great time to retool the Fox News schedule anyway.