Megyn Kelly and other Fox News anchors did not take Obama's win well last night. Though it's not news to anyone that Fox News leans to the right, the vigor that the news team used to fight calling the Ohio election - when, by the way, all other major networks had - still caught viewers and politicians by surprise.

"[Megyn Kelly] was so unhappy with Obama's victory that she walked off the set to Fox News' own war room," the Daily Beast reported. "Kelly's walk wasn't much different from the campaign-it was long, it was awkward, and we couldn't wait for it to end."

Gabriel Sherman of New York magazine reported that after Fox News made a decision to call Ohio in Obama's favor - and thus declare him the winner of the electoral vote - Karl Rove, who is a contributor to the network, fought furiously to prevent going on air with the information. That meant calling top producers.

Rove's recommendations were dismissed when an overwhelming amount of data pointed to Obama's win, but instead of having a standard report from the news desk, producers decided to have Fox anchor Megyn Kelly "walk through the office and interview" the producers about their decision. The directive? Show as much of Megyn Kelly's legs as possible.

O.K. We know that Fox has been accused of sensationalist headlines. And we know that they have many Republican commentators, including Karl Rove. But now it's about panning to a leg shot on Election Night?

"This is Fox News," an insider told New York magazine. "So anytime there's a chance to show off Megyn Kelly's legs they'll go for it."

Though Kelly is thin and has chiseled features, she's hardly a ditzy blonde. The 41-year-old anchor graduated Albany Law School and has reported major stories for an ABC affiliate and Fox. Yet male viewers are all too happy to claim her as a Republican sex symbol - especially after this sexy GQ photo.

Do you think Fox News was wrong to exploit Megyn Kelly? Take a look at this video and tell us what you think...