Is it really 3013? The newest McDonald's DNA spray security is so technologically and medically advanced that some observers wonder if it's a lot of hype without much substance.

In a view towards preventing robberies, a McDonald's in Sydney has hired SelectaDNA, a British security firm, to install a security system that sprays a solution with DNA code on every customer who walks out the door. With a "UV tracer and unique DNA code linking [robbers] irrefutably to the crime scene," the spray seems more like a sci-fi or James Bond tool than an actual crime-prevention system.

"A spokesperson for McDonald's said the company will increase the use of 'SelectaDNA' in stores all over the country after a successful trial in their six busiest Sydney restaurants was launched in January last year," according to The Sydney Morning Herald. "The move comes as police ramp up their patrols of local McDonald's restaurants after a spate of robberies across Sydney during the Christmas and New Year period."


Introduced in 2008, the spray - which has been installed in 13 McDonald's locations in Australia - "contains a UV tracer so that if a stolen item is recovered, the DNA can be easily found by the Police by holding under a UV lamp," according to the website.

"Police are able to find SelectaDNA by using a UV Torch. The spray glows bright blue under UV light. By DNA Analysis, an offender can be linked to the premise," said Alice Baillie, marketing manager for SelectaDNA. "A sample the size of a pinhead is all that is required to link an offender to the site."

If you think that's cool, the system can be synced to a panic button or alarm system in any business or home. "SelectaDNA products contain real DNA but are referred to as 'Synthetic' to differentiate it from Human DNA," the website says. "SelectaDNA is simply a series of unique combinations of A (Adenine), C (Cytosine), G (Guanine) and T (Thymine). The synthetic DNA used in SelectaDNA is short-chain, making it far more robust than human DNA."

"The details of the code are then recorded on the SelectaDNA Police and Insurance approved database so that a code found on an asset or person can be identified back to a specific owner or location. The SelectaDNA code can be deciphered by a molecular genetic laboratory which has been supplied with a SelectaDNA reagent kit designed to detect and analyse SelectaDNA samples."

Still don't believe the McDonald's DNA Spray Security is legit? Watch this extremely cool video to see how it works...