Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook has been hacked by security researcher Khalil Shreateh. Just goes to show you that even the king of social media is human. After Shreateh submitted the Facebook bug the standard way, through the site's standard bounty program, the social network giant hadn't acted on fixing it. More importantly to Shreateh, they wouldn't award him the $500 bounty fee after Facebook responded saying "this was not a bug." The whitehat hacker decided to put the so called non-bug to the test by posting to Facebook walls of users one isn't friends with -- including good ol' Zuck.

See what Khalil Shreateh posted on his blog here.

According to Business Insider, within minutes Facebook asked Shreateh how he carried out the hack. He unfortunately was unable to receive the bounty -- taking advantage of the bug violates the site's terms of service. The bug has since been fixed.

Facebook has been in the news lately for various reasons. Whether it be the possibility of adding ads to their photo site Instagram or Sheryl Sandberg not paying her interns, the company has certainly made a large dent in our everyday culture.

[UPDATE 8.21.2013]: It seems Shreateh was awarded the Facebook reward money after all.

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