The Mario Kart Wii U release date is an important date for most Wii U owners. If you're one of the (not many) people who've purchased a Wii U, you probably have a sense of brand loyalty to Nintendo. Their lineup of classic, exclusive titles is the system's greatest selling point. Characters like Mario and Link are icons of the gaming industry, and their products are consistently top-notch.

The Mario Kart legacy has an unblemished track record (no pun intended ... ok, maybe a little.) From the first game on SNES up to Mario Kart Wii, the Mario Kart franchise has been one of the best-selling and best-received in all of Nintendo-dom. So a Mario Kart Wii U game was a foregone conclusion, but the release date remains elusive. When will we get the chance to troll our friends by launching ridiculous red shell attacks again?

Mario Kart Wii U Release This Year, Promises Nintendo

Obviously, the best source for Mario Kart Wii U release date news is Nintendo. During a recent Nintendo Direct web event, the company promised to release a number of titles this year and Mario Kart Wii U was one of them. The company also sent out a PR email to confirm its 2013 release schedule:

Based on the strong lineup of upcoming software titles for both the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U systems, Nintendo expects to return to Operating Income profitability by the end of the current fiscal year. During the next several months, Nintendo expects to launch new titles in the Mario Kart (Wii U), Super Mario Bros. (Wii U), Wii Fit (Wii U), Pikmin (Wii U), The Legend of Zelda (Wii U and Nintendo 3DS), Mario & Luigi (Nintendo 3DS) and Pokémon (Nintendo 3DS) franchises. These games, along with titles from Nintendo's third-party publishing partners, will help drive hardware momentum and introduce new audiences to the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS platforms.

While there can be a bit of wordplay around franchises like The Legend of Zelda (the "release" is A Link To The Past: 2) there's no denying that Mario Kart Wii U is exactly that. But when will get a look at the upcoming Mario Kart Wii U?

Nintendo Skipping E3 Press Conference But Showfloor Demo Is Likely

Nintendo announced they will be skipping a large-scale press conference at E3 this year, a move that lots and lots of people think is a bad idea. In lieu of a giant conference with a titanic Powerpoint and awkward developers fumbling through demos, Nintendo has instead opted to use the E3 showfloor to showcase some of its upcoming products. Since the company previously stated that Mario Kart Wii U would be at this year's E3, we can safely assume that the game will be making an appearance on the demo floor.

Walmart Leaks Mario Kart Wii U Price

For Mario Kart fans, the first question regarding Mario Kart Wii U is "when?" The second question is "how much?" And both questions have been answered by Walmart. The Walmart website lists a game titled Mario Kart U for $99.96. The game is available for pre-order, and the company gives fans some interesting info in the product description:

Mario Kart Wii U (Working Title), a Nintendo console exclusive, is a pre-release action racing game to be released in December of 2013. More information is on the way! Check back soon!

A $100 price tag for a Mario Kart game might seem a little steep, but remember that Mario Kart Wii comes with a steering wheel. If Mario Kart Wii U comes with something exciting then the price tag will surely be justified when the game releases in December.

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