Wii U owners will finally be getting new games featuring some of Nintendo's most popular characters and franchises, and the company has revealed that "Mario Kart 8" could be one of the first Nintendo-developed games to debut during 2013.

The latest Nintendo Direct presentation contained a treasure trove of Wii U gaming news, including word that both a new "Legend of Zelda" and "Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker" HD remake are currently being developed at Nintendo. While many gamers would have been happy to settle for that news on its own -- much less alongside promises of a new "Super Smash Bros.," "Yoshi" game from the "Kirby's Epic Yarn" team and the "Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem" crossover -- Nintendo wasn't quite finished giving gamers new reasons to buy the Wii U just yet.

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The latest Nintendo Direct presentation also brought word that Nintendo is currently working on the next "Mario Kart" title (presumably called "Mario Kart 8") and that the team behind "Super Mario 3D Land" is also hard at work on a new Mario title for the Wii U as well.

Very little was revealed about the "Mario Kart 8," outside of confirmation that the game would appear at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3); however, given the popularity of "Mario Kart" Wii, we'd be willing to be that gamers across the globe are now anxiously awaiting any/all updates on the Mario Kart 8 release date.

It's unclear if "3D Mario" will play similarly to the "Super Mario Galaxy" series that was released for the original Wii, though Nintendo will undoubtedly have at least a few tricks up their sleeve for the latest title starring the famed Italian plumber.

In total, Nintendo revealed 11 Wii U games which currently being developed by one of the most recognizable names in gaming, though release dates were not given for any of Nintendo's upcoming Wii U titles. Nintendo is expected to release "Game & Wario" sometime during the first half of 2013, likely putting its release ahead of "Mario Kart 8," but there's no telling if the Wii Fit and Pikmin 3 Wii U projects announced during 2012 will arrive before or after Nintendo's latest "Kart" racer.

At the very least, it seems likely that Nintendo won't feel the need to apologize for the Wii U game roster much longer.