Marco Rubio Hair isn't the kind of thing with which you'd expect a politically savvy person to concern himself or herself, especially one with a proven interest in the wildly fascinating career of the freshman Florida Senator and "favorite son" of the most recent iteration of the Tea Party. And yet, in spite of its potential for ludicrousness, the story is doing exactly that. A news item concerning itself with Senator Marco Rubio's hair began to go viral after a very funny confession from the man himself concerning a different kind of American recession-- not fiscal but follicle-- appeared on the Florida Senator's Twitter account after Esquire called him out for needing a change of hairstyle. Though Rubio is a dazzling figure to watch for an undeniably telegenic youthfulness that belies the staunchness of his conservative stances, even he can admit to just one flaw that, if the American people are as superficial as some believe them to be, could stand in the way of his presidency: the failed state of his hair line.

Maybe Esquire is the one to blame for the Marco Rubio hair story. When Matthew Bell published a story yesterday about Marco Rubio's hair, he and his brand used the Florida Senator as a case study in an effort to reach men in their readership with some real advice about the fate of male hair-- framing Marco Rubio's presidential ambitions in the greater picture of how others perceive a man's physical appearance could reflect on their estimations of his professional potency. In Matthew Bell's short piece, he offers Marco Rubio tepid applause for "doing an alright job positioning himself as the man the GOP needs to halt their receding support." However, Bell's praise comes with a warning on its heels: "...but before he gets too far along there, we suggest he take some time to better manage his own thinning hair.

And when it comes to Marco Rubio hair, Elle Medico, a men's hair stylist at the famous Paul Labrecque Salon in New York, offers the following analysis of the freshman Florida Senator's choice of 'do. "The sides of [Marco Rubio's] hair are so dramatically thick compared to the top that it's making his hair look even thinner. He should cut the top shorter and texturize both the top and sides. No more than an inch and a half on top - and ask for layers up there to add body," advised Medico, finishing with the following sage words: "When your hair is long and thin on top, it looks wispy and not far off from combover city,"

Yes, Marco Rubio's hair looks like it could be a combover in just a few years, but fortunately for fans of the Florida Senator, he's taking everything in stride. He took to his Twitter to offer the following confession of recession to his Twitter haters: "#Esquire report on having less hair than I once did is sadly true," began Marco Rubio, before ending with the following killer joke: "But good news is I am still in upper 2% in Senate."

That's a prime example of the winning personality that keeps potential supporters gripped to any news that breaks about the Senator.