The Marathon Detroit Refinery has suffered a violent explosion on Saturday, causing a mandatory evacuation order for the area at the border of Melvindale and Detroit.

Reports of an intense fire were reported as early as 6 p.m. While the incident is still under an ongoing investigation, preliminary evidence indicates a tanker on the property may have exploded. According to the News Herald, no representative of Marathon Oil was available to comment on the shocking incident.

The News Herald also reports that the evacuation order concerns all city residents living east of wall street, including areas from Dix-Toledo to the Outer Drive.

Moment after the incident, a local tipster informed Detroit newsradio WWJ of the situation:

"Police have blocked Fort Street off by I-75 south ... oh my goodness ... there's an ambulance out here, a fireman standing outside, you know, it doesn't look like they are trying to get close. They are not trying to go in there"

First responders including a HazMat team has been dispatched from the Detroit Fire Department and is on the scene. According to Twitter user Steve Neavling, the critical Marathon refinery explosion is considered a Hazmat level 3 event.