Was a man killed for the Olympic Ring fail at the Sochi Opening Ceremony Friday night? A rumor travelling quickly across social media is the tale of T. Borris Avdeyev and his unfortunate death. The rumor alleges that Avdeyev, the technical specialist reportedly responsible for the fifth Olympic ring change fail Friday night, was found dead his Sochi hotel room after being stabbed multiple times. Fortunately, those rumors are completely false.

The rumors spring from a story found on The Daily Currant website — a satirical Internet new site that repeatedly fools social media with its fake current events news stories. A few of the viral hoaxes which have started at The Daily Currant include the story of 39 people dying from marijuana overdose, and President Obama opening free "Obamastation" gas stations in poor neighborhoods.

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Here is an excerpt from the Daily Currant's latest viral hoax about a man being killed for the Olympic Ring fail at Sochi's Opening Ceremony.

"The man responsible for operating the Olympic Rings during last night's Winter Olympic Opening Ceremonies in Russia was found dead today. According to local reports the body of T. Borris Avdeyev was found his hotel room early this morning with multiple stab wounds. Avdeyev was a technical specialist responsible for the Olympic Ring spectacle, which embarrassingly malfunctioned last night. Five animatronic snowflakes were supposed to transform into Olympic Rings. The first four functioned properly but the fifth snowflake failed to change shape. Although his body was badly mangled and the wounds were consistent with a struggle, so far officials say they don't suspect foul play."

The story goes on to describe the police response to the man's death who rule it an "accident" and that perhaps he just "tripped and fell on a set of knives."

"It's terrible when accidents like this happen. But then again, maybe Mr. Avdeyev should have thought twice before he screwed up the Olympics. Accidents tend to happen to people who betray Russia," says the phony police officer in the fictional report.

While many details in the hoaxy story offer hints that this report is fictional, still, it is making increasingly more viral rounds on social media. Posted just hours ago, the story has already seen over 16,000 shares on Facebook and Twitter.

The best thing to do when reading a report like this Sochi Olympic ring death is not to share it immediately. Go to Google and search for other resources to corroborate the report. If there are no major news sources reporting the event, chances are it's not true.

If you see anyone spreading the false story about a man killed for the Sochi Opening Ceremony Olympic ring fail, please share this article so they can get their facts straight.

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