UPDATE 2: Many have taken to EA's Answer Forum to express outrage over the issues. And an EA Sports representative released a statement exclusively to iDigital Times. Find out what they had to say HERE.

UPDATE: EA has released a workaround for the freezing issue that consists of seven steps. With this workaround, they claim that the freezing issues would cease and that you would be able to play the game properly. Find out more HERE.

Since its release on Tuesday, Madden fans have been unhappy with EA Sports' latest Madden release Madden NFL 25. Users are complaining of constant freezing issues and not being able to play the $59.99 video game that many have been waiting for and some even took off from work/school to play.

While the EA Sports Answer HQ website is being flooded with complaints and comments from consumers of Madden 25, EA has stayed quiet for the most part during the last 48 hours. They did release a statement concerning the freezing issues on Wednesday.

"We are aware some users are experiencing intermittent freezing issues while playing Madden NFL 25. Our team is investigating the cause and is working on a resolution so that we can get everyone back into the game. Thank you for your patience, and for supporting EA Sports!"

While EA Sports is attempting to find a solution to the problem, posts are still coming in from upset users who are currently sitting with a game that cannot be played online. While Madden 25 is able to be played offline (Connected Franchises, Play Now games, Skills Trainer), the mode that many people play Madden for is the online component. The freezing, according to some, can be stopped if you are logged off of the EA Sports server ... which means no online play. This is the aspect that has many people mad and vowing to never buy another Madden game again. While there is a possible workaround to the problem, people are still not happy with the effort and lack of response from EA.

Here are a few reactions from a couple disappointed users:

EA Forum user ernestoseaking:

I've been biting my tongue for this long but I can't help it any more. This is completely and utterly unacceptable on EA's part. Games have ONE function to provide and that's the ability to for them to be played. How can you release a game without it being playable? That's like selling a new car that explodes when you start it, but the company says "oh well" and releases it anyway. It's going on day 3 now after going to the midnight release and standing in line for an hour and I still can't play the game I payed for. I've been a committed EA user for years now but this might be the straw that broke the camel's back. It's also pathetic that no one from EA even gives a **bleep** on this thread enough to update the people who each gave them $60 for a broken game. Pathetic EA. Get your **bleep** together.

EA Forum user connorjimrevo:

I have followed the instruction from people who posted and I am successfully playing Madden 25 online. The ultimate team this year is really fun. I hope you guys have been looking at each post in this forum because multiple people have pointed out a way to dodge the freezes. It is still really unfortunate that EA has **bleep**ed up this bad and people can't even play the damn game. If they don't fix this soon they better offer a refund or anything for people because they produce a $60+ game that doesn't work. **bleep** im mad

EA Forum user love12852:

Same issue is happening for me. New Xbox 360. Fresh out of the box Madden25, immediate update by the system for the game and BOOM! BAM! BLAHW! Freezing all over the frickin' place. On the loading screen after the forced watching of the EA logo (which isn't a good thing if you're going to force us to watch the EA logo fly in before forcing us to redundantly reset our game in order to fix the freezing issue), on the loading screen right before it opens up the only play mode, when I try to change my settings. Madden, when is this going to be fixed?! I see posts from 2 days ago on here and it's still happening?! I took a day off from school just to spend it playing Madden online; classes where my attendance affects my overall grade, and decided that your game and YOUR GAME ONLY was worth the negative mark. On top of that, I dropped 60 big ones JUST TO BUY A GAME THAT DOESN"T WORK RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX?!?

IF this isn't FIXED by the end of today and I don't get at least ONE game out of the $60 I just spent, then not only am I returning the game, I'm NEVER, EVER, EEEEEVVVVVVVVEEEEERRRRRRRRR looking at another EA sports title again. You guys are lacking responsiveness to your customers AND failing your GLOBAL market simultaneously. Which is sad, seeing that given the monopolistic competition market your in, you are severely overlooking the quality factor.

And I just don't see how something this prevalent could have been overlooked.

Shaking my head so hard that my brain hurts.

*Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 deja vu.*

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