"Mad Men" season 7 premiere news, huh? Is that what you want? Alrighty then. We don't have a firm date yet for the final season of the former critical darling, but we can make some darned educated gooses. Guesses. Those guesses all point to April 2014 for the death defying conclusion of the riveting drama, which ended season 6 on all kinds of crazy business back in June. [UPDATE: Spring 2014 is confirmed. But so is Spring 2015. Wait, what??]

The "Mad Men" season 7 premiere will be in April 2014 for a pretty darn solid reason: that's when it always is. Except for the anomalous season 5, during which extended contract disputes between the covetous Matthew Weiner and the stingytronic AMC held up production for an unusually long time, all of the last several seasons have débuted in mid-spring. Considering there are no such holdups this time and "Mad Men" is a staple of AMC ratings, it massively behooves them to stay in the same time, same place as usual.

Keeping the "Mad Men" season 7 premiere in its normal time makes even more sense for the final season in the wake of the "Breaking Bad" finale later this summer. The two series collectively made AMC from a snooze cruise movie channel to destination viewing just a few strokes short of HBO. "The Walking Dead" has since surpassed them both, but they are still cornerstones of the ratings. Screwing with a successful formula in the last year when the product exists is a lot worse than counterproductive.

So the "Mad Men" season 7 premiere will come, as expected, in April. And the story of Don Draper and his whacky buddies will finally come full circle. The story of Dick Whitman and his abandoned last, ignored for so many seasons, has at last resurfaced and shall resolve. Obviously we will get a happy ending with no loose ends; it's not the kind of show to ask questions without answering them, as we all know.

And the "Mad Men" season 7 premiere really will be the end. Matthew Weiner has toyed with keeping the series going straight up until the aughts, but that's just joking and tomfoolery. It was always a seven season arc - or at least it has been for a very long time. It is only natural for that arc to come to its end. Unfortunately, the show has devolved into a bit of a soap opera anyway. These threads need to be resolved before it turns into the next late-season "Sex and the City". Heaven forfend!

So, what to do until the "Mad Men" season 7 premiere in April? Unlike HBO or FX, AMC releases their DVDs in a reasonable amount of time: "Mad Men" season 6 DVD and Blu-Ray editions will be released in November, leaving you plenty of time to watch it again if you're all caught up on "Game of Thrones," "House of Cards," "Breaking Bad," and whatever other television shows you're into. Still, we've got a long time, so get cracking on all that doin' nothing.