"Mad Men" season 6 spoilers are pouring in after AMC released a short promo video (watch it below) inviting fans to "An Affair To Remember." Will Don and Betty (who's suddenly skinny again) get back together? Will the remarried Mr. Draper cheat on Megan? Read on for more "Mad Men" season 6 spoilers and rumors.

"Mad Men" season 6 spoilers are mostly speculating that Don Draper will return to his philandering ways when the show returns. Don was a relatively good boy in season 5. After marrying his old secretary Megan, the legendary womanizer cleaned up his act out of his respect for his beautiful French-Canadian wife, but will his resolve last. At the end of season 5, after helping Megan get an acting job in a commercial, Don was shown walking to a bar and shooting a sexy look at a pretty girl.

The biggest "Mad Men" season 6 spoilers (at least in our opinion) are the images of Betty (AKA the blonde bombshell January Jones). Ex-Mrs. Draper is looking good! After donning a fat suit in season 5, Betty is back to her skinny (but still dumb) self. Will Don and Betty get back together in season 6? If Don is on the prowl again and Betty is looking hot it just might happen.

Watch the "Mad Men" season 6 spoilers-filled promo video:

We're not the only one's assuming that the biggest of the "Mad Men" season 6 spoilers is Don Draper's return to regularly cheating on his (neww) ife. Here's Glamour's take on the promo video:

"Anybody else think the choice of the word 'affair' here is a big tip about season 6? I mean, duh, everybody on this show has a lot of affairs, but last season's finale ending implied that Don might be heading back to his womanizing ways."

Here's another take on the same "Mad Men" season 6 spoilers from our sister site, iDesignTimes:

Fans hoping to see much, much less of Paré in "Mad Men" Season 6 were encouraged by last season's finale, which showed Don walking away from Megan as she happily prepared to shoot her first commercial. The final shot showed him sipping a drink and being propositioned by two beautiful women. Though the camera faded to black before we heard his reply, fans everywhere took the scene as a sign that the old Don Draper was back, and "Mad Men" Season 6 would open with that pesky marriage going up in flames.

This article goes into some other "Mad Men" season 6 spoilers, including rumors surrounding Peggy, who left the Advertising company at the end of last season:

"Near the end of Season 5, Peggy Olson finally decided enough was enough and left Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce to work for one of Don Draper's rivals, worrying fans who feared that Elizabeth Moss would be leaving "Mad Men" and taking her character with her. However, Weiner assures fans that Peggy has moved on from Don Draper's agency, she has certainly not left the "Mad Men" universe. The assurance came as a relief to many fans who consider Peggy Olson to be as central to the show as Don Draper. Her struggles, and hopefully her successes, as she struggles to make it as a professional woman in 1960s New York will be a huge draw for audiences. Like Don, Peggy has often run in more bohemian circles than many of her colleagues. "Mad Men" Season 6 will definitely show her interacting with the cultural upheaval of the later sixties in a very interesting way as she continues to make her mark in the world of corporate advertising."

That's all the "Mad Men" season 6 spoilers we've got for now, but check back soon. We're sure rumors and plotlines will continue to leak at the premiere approaches so get excited. We'll leave you with this classic moment from the season 5 premiere:

Got some "Mad Men" season 6 spoilers of your own to share with us? Let us know in the comments and we'll be sure to respond in our next article about Don Draper, Betty, Megan, Joan, Pete and the rest of the gang.