Experiencing MacBook Air Wi-Fi problems? The latest MacBook Air models introduced during Apple's WWDC 2013 are reportedly facing Wi-Fi connectivity issues with the new 802.11ac wireless network. Several users of the newest Macbook Air device detail repeatedly dropped wireless connections via a growing thread on the Apple Support Communities website.

While the MacBook Air 2013 was significantly enhanced, including Intel's fourth generation Haswell chip for greater battery life, it appears the newest Wi-Fi standard 802.11ac is not proving as successful as anticipated. MacBook Air users report in Apple's support forums that the device will connect to a Wi-Fi network for a minute or two before dropping the connection, in which users have to reboot their MacBook Airs to reconnect.

An anonymous source from an Apple retail store in London told Gizmodo that their store has had complaints about wireless connectivity for the MacBook Air 2013 that are "well above average" as well.Here are a few issues reported in Apple Support Communities "New MacBook Air -- wifi connectivity problems" forum (which currently has over 10,000 views and 178 replies):

  • "I have a brand new Macbook Air which is able to connect to the internet for just a minute or two before suddenly it drops out. This is even though the signal still shows at full strength and all my other devices are still able to surf the net as per normal."

  • "I have the same problem with my 2013 MacBook Air 11 inches. Something I never had with my iPad, MacBook, iPod or iPhone. The connection drops and the MacBook fails to recognize the signal even close-up. Restart is the only way around it. It does happen once or twice a day."

  • "Also having this issue on a brand new Macbook Air 13", changing the channel has not seemed to do anything. I am using an Asus RT-N16 with DD-WRT firmware. When it happens, every other computer or iOS device on the network is fine (including a 2007 Macbook Pro, a 2011 Macbook Pro, iPad Mini, iPhone 4S). Seems to be isolated to the new Macbook Air."

  • "6 hours in, and fail..."

Frustrated MacBook Air users proliferate throughout the message boards, but there does seem to be a gadget god serving up a possible solution to the WiFi issue. Wifiguru reports:

"Have you cheked if your Netgear router has the latest firmware ? What model number is it ? Your RSSI,Noise, Tx rate etc. look good. One thing you could try is switch to a different channel, say channel 6 and give that a shot.

Can you copy paste info. from your /var/log/system.log info around the time frame you see the drop ? I can take a look and see if it helps any."

While there is no universal solution to the latest MacBook Air wireless problems, the forum does provide assistance to some. Apple Insider reports that some users have had success with various routers or different placement of the MacBook Air.

The updated MacBook Air lineup launched June 10 during Apple's WWDC 2013 keynote address with the faster 802.11ac connectivity and Intel's fourth-generation Haswell processors. The 11-inch MacBook Ai models cost $999 with 128GB of flash storage.