The Mac Pro 2013 release date is coming this fall. And now Apple has released a dramatic and sexy teaser ad for the redesigned desktop. Apple ads are generally quite cinematic, but the new Mac Pro ad could trump them all, employing tropes normally used to advertise a summer blockbuster rather than a computer.

Watch the Mac Pro 2013 release date trailer below:

The Mac Pro 2013 release date trailer begins in much the same way as the "2001: A Space Odyssey" trailer, showing what could be the Earth eclipsing the sun. Next, we are treated to more abstract images of light caressing dark, glossy surfaces. Then cue "Supremacy" by Muse, the epic, theme music for the Mac Pro, which played when the device was first introduced during WWDC 2013 in June. More glimpses of the sleek body of the Mac Pro 2013 is shown, until finally the Apple logo appears.

The ad ends with flashing images that evoke the Mac Pro 2013's cylinder shape, including a flaming circle, an eclipse, the Earth and a dilating eye. The cinematic Mac Pro 2013 release date trailer ends with the words "Mac Pro" and "Fall 2013", confirming that Apple's redesigned desktop will be released in the fall. Previously, the company only said that the Mac Pro 2013 could be released "later this year".

The Mac Pro 2013 release date ad went live on Apple's official YouTube channel on Friday. Mashable noted that "it's a little unusual for extremely secretive Apple to post a 'trailer' for a product." However, the product was already unveiled this spring at Apple's annual developers conference. Though Apple couldn't release the Mac Pro 2013 until the fall as they were waiting on Intel's Haswell chips.

CNET noted that the Mac Pro 2013 trailer is also being shown in movie theaters, with some movie goers saying they've seen it before a screening of the Steve Jobs biopic "Jobs", starring Ashton Kutcher.

Mac Pro 2013 The radically redesigned Mac Pro 2013 is revealed by Apple's Phil Schiller during the WWDC 2013 keynote. (Reuters/Stephen Lam)

The Mac Pro 2013 was first revealed during Apple's WWDC 2013 Keynote when Phil Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of worldwide marketing unveiled a sneak preview of the redesigned Mac Pro. "Can't innovate anymore, my ass," Schiller said, refuting claims that Apple's designs have grown stale. "This is without a doubt the future of the pro desktop." The desktop has been completely rethought and redesigned. It has an all new power structure, processor, memory, storage, design and more. The Apple Mac Pro website describes the upcoming desktop as the following:

"When we began work on the next Mac Pro, we considered every element that defines a pro computer - graphics, storage, expansion, processing power, and memory. And we challenged ourselves to find the best, most forward-looking way possible to engineer each one of them. When we put it all together, the result was something entirely new. Something radically different from anything before it. Something that provides an extremely powerful argument against the status quo. Here's a sneak peek at what's next for the pro computer."

The upcoming Mac Pro is completely redesigned inside and out, though the most striking and first thing you'd notice is the revamped body. Gone is the silver mesh cover of the old Mac Pro, which debuted with 2003's Power Mac G5, per the Verge, also noting that the Mac Pro 2013 has a look that is similar to the classic Braun KF 20 coffee maker. The smooth, curved, jet black body of the Mac Pro is beautiful and different. Certainly, aesthetically-minded folks would want to purchase the new desktop just for looks alone.

However, the Mac Pro 2013 release date is not just about the looks, as it will bring twice as much processing power than its predecessor. The Mac Pro 2013 has the fastest RAM Apple has ever used and double the performance of the last generation. Internal storage is PCle based flash with 1.25 GBps reads and 1.0 GBps writers. The new Mac Pro will also have the latest Thunderbolt 2, which is reportedly twice as fast as the Thunderbolt 1. It can support six devices per port and is backward compatible.

Apple also announced during its WWDC keynote that the Mac Pro 2013 release date will bring GPUs (Graphics processing units) up to 2.5 times faster than the last generation, with 384-bit memory buses, 528 GBps total bandwidth, and supporting 4K displays.

Displaying the old Mac Pro side by side with the upcoming Mac Pro 2013, Schiller showed that the newest model is less than 1/8 the volume of the original 40-poung Mac Pro. The new desktop will be 9.9-inches tall and 6.6-inches wide, small enough to sit on most desks. At the back of the Mac Pro 2013, there's a gigabit Ethernet, four USB ports and six Thunderbolt ports. The new Mac Pro can sense when a user rotates the computer and automatically lights up the I/O panel to counter any inconvenience cause by the fact that all the ports are located on the back.

"Video editors, musicians, graphic designers count on Mac Pro to get their work done," Schiller said on the WWDC stage. "We didn't just want to make another version of the same old desktop idea that everyone had."

Apple's Phil Schiller announced that the Mac Pro 2013 will be designed and built in the U.S. Though he mentioned that the new Mac Pro would ship sometime this fall, the new Mac Pro 2013 release date ad is the first confirmation that the redesigned desktop will launch in the fall and not an undetermined "later this year" date. Apple has yet to disclose the Mac Pro 2013 price.

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