As Apple is preparing their next generations of devices, including a new iPhone 5S and iPad, rumors have been circulating the internet that the tech giant is also working on Mac OS X 10.9, the update to the very popular Mountain Lion.

According to 9to5Mac, there was an increased number of visits to from Macs that looked like they were running 10.9, and were from the California Bay Area (judging from the IP address), where Apple's headquarters are located.

It seems like the yet-unnamed Mac OS X 10.9 will again blur the line between iOS and Apple's computer operating system. In Mountain Lion, Apple added a notification center, a new notes app, reminders, a revamped Messages app, and Game Center, all originally from their iOS software. Now, it looks like Apple will take the integration between their computers and mobile software to another level, adding Siri and the very controversial Apple Maps app to the Mac OS X 10.9.

Siri was originally available only on the iPhone 4S, which was unveiled last September. Now, Siri works on a plethora of Apple devices, including the most recent iPods, the iPhone 4S and 5, and the iPad Mini, 3, and 4. Siri on a Macbook has the potential to be even more groundbreaking than it was on Apple's iPhone. A personal, voice activated, assistant can be useful for professionals who are too busy to write down everything and are always on the go.

It remains to be seen if Siri will be implemented in all Mac computers, or just the most recent releases. Siri doesn't work on older iDevices, like an iPhone 4 or an iPad 2. However, the dictation feature, which allows users to talk to their computer and have it automatically transcribed into text, works on all Mac's, and uses very similar software to Siri. When Mountain Lion first was released, many tech enthusiast thought that the dictation feature was a preview of Siri coming to the Mac operating system. It seems like that might be true. Keep in mind that Siri is actually a beta program and not yet finished. Maybe Apple has been waiting to include the program into their Mac computers before they declared the voice activated assistant actually completed.

In addition to Siri, Apple is planning on adding Apple Maps to Mac OS X 10.9. Apple Maps on OS X 10.9 isn't a forgone conclusion. In 10.9, Apple has added a framework for developers, meaning that the developers can create apps that use Apple's Maps service and integrate it into their own apps. While this certainly hints that Apple will be adding Apple Maps, it isn't a certainty yet.

While Apple Maps hasn't been the biggest success (actually, its been the opposite), Apple has been diligently working at improving the replacement for Google Maps. After suffering a huge amount of backlash for the app, with its lack of public transportation maps, incorrect directions and visuals, and lack of elegance that typically comes with an Apple product, the company decided to issue a public apology for the app, signed by CEO Tim Cook. Does this mean that Apple hopes that that Apple Maps will be a lot better by the time Mac OS X 10.9 rolls around? Obviously, thats the case, but only time can tell. Even though Apple and their developers are working on the program, there's no guarantee that Apple Maps will be better, a company that prides itself in excellent products will be sure to rectify the problem by the time 10.9 rolls around. If they do add Apple Maps to Mac OS X 10.9, Apple must be feeling confident.

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