Prince Guillaume and Belgian Countess Stephanie de Lannoy tied the knot in Luxembourg on Friday in a civil ceremony.

A religious ceremony which is a part of the two-day long royal wedding is scheduled on Saturday at the Notre Dame cathedral.

The guests attending the religious ceremony include kings, queens, princes and princesses from Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Lichtenstein, Denmark, the Netherlands, Romania and Britain's Prince Edward, Queen Elizabeth's youngest son and his wife Sophie, reported Reuters

Royal families from Morocco, Japan and Jordan will also attend the ceremony.

A gala dinner which was organized at the Grand Ducal Palace, as a part of the royal wedding, was attended by the European royalty. Princess Mathilde and Crown Prince Philippe of Belgium were also present at the dinner.

According to Hello! magazine, the bride wore a cream-colored dress by Chanel and the prince was seen in a dark suit and striped tie.

Earlier, the couple was seen together in public on many occasions including the London Olympics.

According to a report in Reuters, the very talented Prince Guillaume, who has a degree in international politics and speaks four languages, is a lieutenant colonel in the Luxembourg army and has been engaged in humanitarian work in other countries, including Nepal.

"Our wedding is an international event, meaning it's a good excuse to show Luxembourg's festive side," the prince told Agence France-Presse earlier. But, if you're expecting the same kind of fanfare the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge got, think again, the prince says: "The atmosphere at our wedding will be different from those held in Monaco or London."

The wedding is surely a huge celebration for Luxembourg as royal families from across Europe will unite for the event.