iDigitalTimes presents the Cape Talk podcast, featuring Phillip Martinez and Autumn Kelly. You may know Phil from the Unearned Hype podcast, but he’s doubling down to discuss the most important news in comic book-based TV and movies.

This week, we discuss the Agents of SHIELD Season 4 finale and what all the cliffhangers mean for Season 5. Why is Coulson in space? Who were the guys in the diner? What’s the blue ball of light in the sky? What deal did Coulson make with Ghost Rider?

We also talk the penultimate episodes of The Flash S eason 3 and Arrow Season 5. Phil thinks he knows how Iris didn’t die, but Autumn’s not buying it. On the flipside, Autumn has a prediction about how Black Siren could end up on Legends of Tomorrow that Phil thinks is way too complicated for the Arrowverse.

Other highlights include how the bad guys are making great points lately. Captain Cold and Malcolm Merlyn dropped some serious knowledge on The Flash and Green Arrow last week, but these characters’ time in each series may be coming to an end. Also, which comic book show does romantic relationships the right way?

Make sure to tune in next week where we’ll break down The Flash and Arrow season finales.