Lisa Robin Kelly was arrested again, and the actress, who famously played Eric Foreman''s older sister Laurie on "That 70s Show," looks even worse than she did last April when she made headlines for getting arrested, based on the mug shots that have surfaced online.

Lisa Robin Kelly was reportedly arrested for assaulting her husband, a 61-year old man, on Monday night at their home in North Carolina. According to the Iredell County Detention Center, Lisa Robin Kelly was temporarily held in custody but has since been released, E! reported.

TMZ claims that Lisa Robin Kelly's husband was also arrested, though the gossip site refrained from releasing the man's name.

Surprisingly, based on the latest horrifying mugshot of Lisa Robin Kelly, the troubled actress maintained an active social media life, which she used to reach out to fans but also defend her reputation.

"I am a fine member of society," she tweeted on Nov. 25. "I never question authority. I hate excitement. I stay away from trouble. I wear pink polos."

Of course, this isn't the first time Lisa Robin Kelly has made headlines for ending up in jail. In March, 2012, the Kelly was arrested on a felony charge of corporal injury up a spouse, leading to the LA Times headline, "'That 70s Show' Arrest Yields A Classic Celebrity Mugshot."

If you ask us there's no comparing the most recent Lisa Robin Kelly mug shot photo to the one we saw last March. The "That 70s Show" actress looks significantly worse than she did just a little over half-a-year ago, and we hope she'll finally get the help she needs.

Back in March 2012, Lisa Robin Kelly was eventually released on a $50,000 bail at that time, which she claimed to pay with her own money. Soon afterward, she went on her official Facebook page and pleaded for her friends and fans to support her financially.

"He has me on $50,000 bail which I paid, and my account is wiped out," Kelly wrote. "If you're a friend. Respond thru email."

Lisa Robin Kelly's rap sheet actually stretches all the way back to August 2010, when she was caught driving under the influence. According to Fox News, Kelly was given a fine and 12 months probation. See the first Lisa Robin Kelly mug shot photo here.

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