The Limefuel Blast L240X is a giant 24,000mAh external battery pack that boasts 4 USB ports, auto-on/auto-off, a built in LED flashlight and a compact size. You can get versions of the Blast in smaller sizes like 6,000mAh and 18,000mAh but the one I received was the biggest and I’m glad I did. I took the Limefuel Blast L240X with me to CES 2015 in Las Vegas. For those who don’t know CES is one of the biggest consumer tech conferences in the world, alongside MWC, IFA and Computex. The bane of tech journalists at these conferences is the paucity of chargers.

Go to the so-called press lounge and you’ll find tech journalists crowded around the power outlets like a horde of zombies around a tasty human. This year, I didn’t have to suffer that kind of indignity thanks to the Limefuel Blast L240X. I rarely even set foot into the press lounge because I had so much spare power I could have powered Kuvira’s mech suit from “The Legend of Korra”.


-24,000mAh size is enough to last for days of continuous usage

-4 ports to charge multiple devices at a time

-Built in LED flashlight

-Study, durable construction with smooth rubberized feel

-Slim enough to fit into pocket (though I don’t advise it)


-Heavy and not easy to carry around without a backpack


2015-01-13 12 Compact size Ajay Kumar

My version of the Limefuel L240X is the rubberized black, a glossy white is also available. Personally, I liked the feel of the rubberized black, it felt smooth without feeling to slippery and it is resistant to stains and fingerprints. The build quality feels good and sturdy making it ideal for international travel and camping. Despite not being rugged like the L150XR, I had no real fear of causing any damage to the L240X.

For a 24,000mAh external battery the Limefuel Blast L240X isn’t nearly as bulky as I thought it would be, despite being heavy at 505g. The battery is surprisingly compact with dimensions of 6.1 x 3.1 x 0.9 inches, making it a little bigger than my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 about the size of the Nexus 6. It actually is possible to fit the Limefuel Blast L240X in your jeans pocket (unless you wear skinny jeans). There are 4 LED green LED lights on top of the battery to show when it is charging or discharging. The auto-on/auto-off feature is a nice touch as well and saves the battery life of the L240X.

2015-01-13 12 Limefuel Blast L240X Ajay Kumar 2015-01-13 12 Limefuel Blast L240X Ajay Kumar 2015-01-13 12 Limefuel Blast L240X Ajay Kumar 2015-01-13 12 Limefuel Blast L240X Ajay Kumar

On the front where the USB ports are located there’s another LED light that shows the same, along with the additional usage of function as a flashlight when you press the button on the side. I never had to use the flashlight but I can see that being useful if you are camping. The L240X comes with a 2-in-1 microUSB 30-pin Apple compatible cable, as a devout Android user I never had to make use of that, but it is good that Limefuel has taken into account the less fortunate Apple users.

On the outside the Limefuel Blast L240X boasts 4 output USB ports and 1 input USB port. It has a max output of 5v/2.4A and a max input of 5v/4.2A. The charging time for input can range from 16 to 24 hours, which is pretty lengthy but that’s to be expected on account of its sheer size. Limefuel says that the L240X is good for 500 uses, so that’s 500 full cycles of charges and discharges. Limefuel also has a table for how many additional hours of performance the battery can provide, naturally this depends on the device. 552 hours of music, 168 hours of gaming, 206 hours of talk and 158 hours of internet sound pretty good.



2015-01-13 12 Limefuel Blast L240X charging Ajay Kumar

I took some battery heavy devices to CES 2015, a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (3220mAh battery), Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 (4900mAh battery), Ventev Power Cell Battery (3,000mAh) LG Tone Ultra Blutooth Headset and Canon EOS DSLR camera. Plus there were my co-workers who also made occasional use of my battery. Despite having power hungry devices, I never once fully used up the entire battery 24,000mAh battery.

By contrast, I repeatedly burned through the Limefuel Rugged L150XR 15,000mAh battery that I took to IFA Berlin. The extra power of the Limefuel Blast L240X was a lifesaver, as was the 4 USB ports. I could charge my phone, tablet, headphones and the external battery all at the same time. For people with multiple devices to charge, the many USB ports are a lifesaver.

2015-01-13 12 Limefuel Blast L240X Ajay Kumar 2015-01-13 12 Limefuel Blast L240X Ajay Kumar 2015-01-13 12 Limefuel Blast L240X Ajay Kumar 2015-01-13 12 Limefuel Blast L240X Ajay Kumar 2015-01-13 12 Limefuel Blast L240X Ajay Kumar

The great part about the Limefuel Blast L240X is that it can charge pretty much any USB powered device, so smartphones, tablets, cameras, other external batteries, gaming devices, music players and eReaders are all fair game. The only thing that it can’t charge is a laptop, though I imagine that there are certain attachments you can buy to make that possible also.

The trade off with the Limefuel Blast L240X is that the weight and size generally make it hard to keep on your person. I did attempt to keep it in the inside pocket of my blazer and the back pocket of my jeans but it was so heavy that I was always conscious it was there and it noticeably dragged my clothing down. When I had to charge on the go I either used the smaller Ventev battery or I kept the Limefuel Blast L240X in the side pocket of my backpack and ran the cable out to the phone in my pocket. Obviously not ideal, the Limefuel Blast L240X is definitely better for sitting in one place and charging.

Final Word:

The Limefuel Blast L240X took everything I had to throw at it and handled it with ease. At $150 the L240X isn’t that expensive when taking into account the sheer size and useful features. If you are looking for a big, heavy duty external battery the Limefuel Blast L240X is the best you can buy.