Just when you thought you could relax and begin trusting Twitter again, it seems this finicky little social media superpower had got back up to its old death hoax tricks, taking Lil Wayne as its newest casualty. With hundreds of reports of the rapper's death beginning to flood twitter's tweet line, I can see that this rumor is well on its way to getting sizably out of control. According to the fake death reports Lil Wayne died in a number of locations, including Denver, Fullerton, Queensland and Caicos.

You may be wondering at this point, why so many locations? Well it's because of a hoaxy guerilla-like website, called the Global Associated news which is notorious for putting out these ridiculous death hoaxes. The site currently has4 different death stories on Lil Wayne out there on the net, fooling fans around the world.

It seems rappers, comedians and musicians are those who take the brunt of these ridiculous death hoaxes as we have seen Bill Cosby, 50 cents, Adam Sandler, Taylor Swift, Justin Beiber and Alfonso Ribeiro aka "Carlton" from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, all victimized in the last month.

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Though many may wonder why someone would go through the trouble of killing off a star on Twitter, what is far more astounding to me are the number of folks who actually fall for the hoaxes and retweet without even Googling it. Perhaps we all need to take a little lesson in checking or sources before these things get out of hand. With each new person who tweets a celebrity death that has not been verified, you can safely say at least 100 or more people are also being hoaxed. It's no wonder then, that these things can spiral out of control so quickly.

Do us a favor friends, if you were smart enough to Google before sharing the death of Lil Wayne. Give yourself a pat on the back and then tweet and share this post to clear up the fuzz for those too lazy to research it themselves.

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