You may never have heard of Lil Reese, a gangster rapper signed to Chief Keef's record label, Glory Boys Enterntainment (GBE), but get ready to learn about him because Reese just happens to be the star of the latest smack-down video to blow up on World Star Hip Hop (WSHH).

Check out the video right here. Warning: this video is not safe for work and contains violence that may not be appropriate for younger viewers.

The video, which was uploaded today with the title "This Is F***** Up: Lil Reese From GBE Caught On Camera Beating Up A Female!" already has over 55,000 views on WSHH, as well as over 600 tweets and 1000 likes through the website alone. On Twitter, both "Lil Reese" and "WSHH" are currently trending, with dozens of tweets being published per minute.

"When I saw WSHH trending I knew it wasn't gonna be good," tweeted Lord Levon at around 3 am ET.

Here's a sample from the comments posted on WSHH responding to the violent video hand-shot video:

Ike: "PITIFUL and these the type of role models the young generation is looking up to. When he gets caught and go to jail. You're gonna hear about how his dumb ass got stumped."

Lil Reese has yet to respond to the leaked video, and makes no mention of the event on his verified Twitter account. Reese is a member of 17-year old rapper Keith "Chief Keef" Cozart, who rose to popularity over the Summer after his track, "I Don't Like," was incorporated into a single from Kanye West bearing the same name and chorus.