The LG G2 was unveiled at launch event on August 7. We got to see the specs and features of the device, though we are still waiting to find out the US release date and price. We've heard Q3 or Q4 is the most likely option, so sometime in September for U.S. and Europe.

Overall, the LG G2 appears to be one of the best smartphones currently on the market. However, during the presentation and when we got time with the LG G2 during the hands-on experience, a few issues stood out that could present a problem for users.

Button Placement On Back

The button placement could potentially be the biggest issue for some users. LG billed the back button placement for the power button and volume rocker as a major advantage. They said according to thousands of observations most people placed their finger on the back of the phone, so as you can see in the picture below, both the volume control and power button are on the back:

lg, g2, issues, 5, top, problems, flagship Credit: IBT Media

It is also possible to turn the LG G2 on by double tapping the screen and the volume control also makes taking selfies easier, since you can hold it down. The problem that some have pointed out is that the button placement has the potential to turn the phone on and off at inconvenient times. If your finger is placed on the back it appears easy to accidentally press it when trying to take a call, turning the phone off.

It is also an issue when in your pocket. At 5.2-inches the LG G2 is a pretty large device, it'll strain against the fabric of your jeans. The power button doesn't exactly protrude, but it did seem fairly sensitive as it didn't take much pressure to turn it on. You could easily be turning the LG G2 on and off in your pocket. Another issue is that suppose you are listening to music, you start a playlist and put the LG G2 in your pocket. If you want to adjust the volume you have to make sure the device screen is turned inwards toward your leg, so you can reach the buttons through the fabric of your pocket. Also, if you hold the volume control down too long, you could potentially be shooting pictures of the inside of your pocket.

We would need to spend more time with the LG G2 to see if this would actually be a problem, but this is one of the issues that stood out for us at the event. It may turn out that after spending time with the LG G2, these are not big issues and the button placement works well.

Automatic Call Pick-Up

One big issue which we still aren't entirely clear on is automatic call pick-up for the LG G2. At the launch event this feature was explained as a time-saving measure. Rather than having to pick your phone up, look at the screen, check who is calling, press a button to answer the call and hold it up to your ear (which frankly doesn't seem that onerous to us), the LG G2 will answer the call the moment you pick-up your handset and hold it to your ear. We believe automatic call-pick up can be turned off, however in addition to not saving that much time, the feature may prove more of an inconvenience than anticipated.

lg, g2, issues, 5, top, problems, flagship Credit: IBT Media

Often, we may not want to pick up every call we receive. Sometimes it's a telemarketer, a jilted ex-girlfriend/boyfriend, your boss calling to find out why you're three hours late to work or your mother. You may not want to talk to these people and automatic call pick-up removes that option from you. Suppose your phone starts vibrating in your pocket, you take it out to see who it is, but you've already picked up the call.

However, if this can be turned off, then we don't imagine it's too big an issue for most users.

Android 4.2.2 And No Word On Google Play Edition

The LG G2 is currently running Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. We asked an LG rep about the anticipated timeline for an Android 4.3 update but he wasn't able to tell us anything except that LG is working on the update. The Android 4.3 update isn't a major one with restricted profiles and changes to the camera app interface being the only major changes, so this isn't a problem as long as the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update comes in a timely manner.

We also inquired about the possibility of a Google Play Edition with stock Android for the LG G2. The LG rep seemed to indicate that possibility was not currently being considered by LG. This is somewhat disappointing for those of us who are fans of the simple stock Android interface and like the timely updates. For those who are willing to wait till October or Novemeber, we are fairly certain that the Nexus 5 is using the LG G2 as a base so if you want an LG G2 with stock Android you may be best served by waiting for the Nexus 5.

Lack of microSD Card (For US consumers)

A previous leak of a user manual revealed a microSD card slot. It turns out that this option is only available for the South Korean release. US consumers will not have the option of expanding memory and must choose between a 16GB or 32GB LG G2. This is a matter of user preference largely; as hardcore device users who prefer a large internal memory for music, movies and games, 64GB is our ideal. Some users may be perfectly happy with 16GB. The LG G2 does have cloud, though we often find that cloud storage isn't always effective or convenient depending on your location.

As we said before, it is a matter of user preference, but those of us who put the device to heavier use may be disappointed by the lack of an option to expand memory.

Lack of Removable Battery (For US consumers)

Similar to the previous entry, the LG G2 for US consumers lacks the option for a removable battery. This proves disappointing to those of us who were fantasizing about stuffing in a 4,000 mAh battery (same size an the Droid Maxx) to give the LG G2 a massive battery life. As it stands, this may be a fairly minor issue. The LG G2 has a 3,000 mAh battery plus it has 26 percent improvement in battery life. So perhaps this isn't a major issue for many people.

Are there any major issues you have with the LG G2 or are you still waiting for more information?

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