Bryan Cranston, Lex Luthor. It's official. Everyone's favorite dentist - everyone's favorite suburban dad - everyone's favorite meth-making suburban dad - is now Superman's arch-nemesis. If you don't think that's great news, you're crazy - Bryan Cranston projects an aura of villainy unlike anybody else besides maybe Tywin Lannister (who also would have been great). It's almost good enough to counteract Ben Affleck!

The Bryan Cranston Lex Luthor news had been rumored for a long time, but now it's official, according to several Internet reports from reputable sources like Metro UK and IMDB. We're not getting an official announcement until after the "Breaking Bad" finale, but there are so many leaks all over the place now that the news really looks like a sure thing. So what does that mean for the Batman Superman movie?

Well, Bryan Cranston as Lex Luthor makes perfect sense. After all, his current character, Walter White, works in the same industry as Lex Luthor: the empire business. Both think they're good guys but are actually huge villains with no scruples. Both started out in small-town livin' and moved on up.

The most credible of the Bryan Cranston Lex Luthor confirmations has it that Bryan Cranston won't just play the megalomaniacal business executive in the Superman Batman crossover. The deal is supposedly for six flicks - so Bryan would take on a role akin to Samuel Jackson's in the Marvel pictures, except from the side of relentless villainy instead of secretive heroism. That means we might get him as the villain or one of several villains in the Justice League movie, too - not to mention token appearances in "The Dark Knight's Back" and whatever other DC movies are rolling down the pipeline.

Bryan cranston lex luthor superman batman movie I hope Bryan Cranston Lex Luthor beats this clown. This is Ben Affleck, right? I thought so. (Image: Elysium)

The Bryan Cranston Lex Luthor news stands in stark contrast to the news about Ben Affleck, which was, ahem, less warmly received by the Internet community. With parody and anger and rage slowly (actually pretty quickly) converging toward acceptance.

We'll skip all that for current and new supervillain Bryan Cranston, Lex Luthor. Because nobody is playing a better villain these days, and has shown more range, than Bryan Cranston. He can do this role, and make it incredibly memorable. It is far from clear whether Ben Affleck, acclaimed director and tolerable actor that he is, can do the same.

At least, it's not clear whether he can make it memorable in a good way.