A levitating magician who wowed London crowds with a gravity-defying stunt has been outed by curious onlookers (and their smartphones) after recently performing the illusion on the side of a double-decker bus. Dynamo, the levitating magician, is well-known for his street magic and his most recent illusion, which featured him levitating alongside a moving bus, grabbed the attention and imagination of onlookers across the English capital as part of a Pepsi ad campaign. Here is the levitating magician at work:

Of course, a levitating magician may captivate some people, but others ultimately look for the "secret" behind the illusion. A report on news.au.com claims that the secret behind the levitating magician trick is relatively simple: a fake arm. According to the news site (which claims the trick was outed on their Facebook page) Australian tourists photographed the fake arm. It might seem like dynamo's days as a levitating magician are over, especially after a German performer who does a similar trick revealed how Dynamo does it in an interview with the Telegraph. German artist Johan Lorbeer has been performing an identical trick since 2001 and says the secret is a metal bar hidden in a fake arm.

"There is a metal construction which runs from the arm that sticks to the wall or the car or whatever," he said. "One metal beam inside the fake latex hand runs along the arm which is leaning on the wall. This metal piece [then] runs down along the back, through the trousers and down to the shoes. Even in the shoes there are two metal pieces [to stand on]. This is just one piece all together. Then either with a ladder or some kind of machine you go in there and somebody puts the clothes over you. And that's it."

Dynamo's levitating magician trick isn't the first time one of his world-famous illusions has been dissected online. Here are some videos detailing the secrets behind some of the levitating magician's other tricks: