After last year's finale, "Legend Of Korra" season 3 has been on every "Avatar" fan's mind. Luckily for us the "Legend Of Korra" book 3 trailer made its way onto the interwebs recently. The LoK teaser trailer for the third season isn't riddled with spoilers, but we do get some pretty important scenes out of the video. For one, we see Korra and Tenzin bending up a storm. But what about stark differences that lend to the third book's title "Change." Well you can look to the dragon for that. We repeat, dragon. Seems like "Legend Of Korra" season 3 release date will bring with it the mythical, fire-breathing beasts. Then again, it could just be a spirit now that the physical and spiritual worlds are one.

The "Legend Of Korra" season 3 trailer starts off with our main character entering her beloved Avatar State -- a battle mode she used a little too often last year if you ask us. The narrator of the unfinished teaser recites all four of the elements, similar to the LoK and "Last Airbender" opening. In the way of visuals we see Korra taking on members of the Order of the White Lotus and a shirtless Tenzin taking on an unknown foe. It's always great to see the two of them take action and it seems this will continue in "Legend Of Korra" season 3.

And then we have the dragon. As this is "Korra" spoiler video is leaked and unofficial, there's very little context as who the dragon is exactly. Looking to past dragons of the show, one belonged to the late, great Avatar Roku. Similar to how Aang had Appa and Korra has Naga, Roku's partner in crime was the winged lizard. As the original fire-benders, the only remaining dragons -- or so we were told -- were uncovered when Aang and Zuko of "Last Airbender" ventured to uncover the secrets of firebending. It's entirely possibly that the dragon apparent in the "Legend Of Korra" season 3 spoiler trailer is one of those. We'll have to wait for the "Legend Of Korra" release date, sometime in 2014, before we know for sure.

legend of korra season 3 spoiler trailer The OG firebender (Photo: Youtube)

Despite "Legend Of Korra" season 3 not having officially been released as of yet, there is quite a bit we know about the upcoming year of "Avatar." Book 3, titled "Change," is expected to have a greater focus on Toph's daughter and badass police chief Lin Beifong. With Beifong being featured a little less prominently in season 2, we agree with the creators that it's time she get a little more screen time. Especially since she's one of the stronger characters in the show. We've also seen "Legend Of Korra" season 3 spoilers of a Mako/Bolin slumber party turned battle. A tad random out of context but we're sure all will be revealed by Nickelodeon in time.

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