"Legend Of Korra" season 3 spoilers have cropping up left and right since the finale last month. The events of Korra's fight with Unalaq / Vaatu brought about significant changes to the Avatar line -- hence the season's subtitle for this third year of "Legend Of Korra." Looking ahead to "Legend of Korra" season 3, spoilers hinted at Bei Fong playing a major part in the upcoming episodes. In a new post on Bryan Konietzko's Tumblr blog, it seems such suspicions have been confirmed with a new image surfacing. The "Legend Of Korra" season 3 spoiler doesn't give up much, though if we had to hazard a guess it's of Toph's daughter training. And only training, get your mind out the nsfw gutter.

We can't help but wonder what role Bei Fong will take that would give her much more screen time than in past seasons. With the "Legend Of Korra" creators having mentioned more of Queen Bei not once, but twice now we imagine the police chief playing a very major part. Maybe now that Tenzin's role as a teacher has been exhausted -- with Korra knowing air-bending and his (attempting to) help with the spirit world -- maybe Bei Fong will take the Avatar under her wing to teach her some good ol' fashioned metal-bending. We'll keep our ear to the ground regarding any "Legend Of Korra" season 3 spoilers, should they drop a hint or two.

legend of korra season 3 spoilers release date Korra Mako and Bei Fong, season 2 (Photo: Facebook / Legend Of Korra)

We can't look ahead to "Legend Of Korra" season 3 spoilers without looking back to what happened in book 2 of Avatar. And boy was this past season a doozy (pro-bending announcer voice). The threat of Unalaq in "Legend Of Korra" season 2 "Spirits" may have been worse than book 1's Amon -- depending on how you look at it. While Amon threatened to -- and actually did -- take away Korra's bending, Unalaq nearly destroyed the entire Avatar cycle as we know it. Korra would have been able to keep her bending but she was almost the last Avatar to ever exist. Even though Avatar Korra has lost her connection to her past lives, we would say that's a good tradeoff for having the rebirth cycle still intact. We're not saying a "Legend Of Korra" season 3 spoiler mentioning possible restoration of her access to past lives will happen, but we totally want it to.

We expect the "Legend Of Korra" season 3 spoilers to start pouring in once the new book nears its premiere. With a "Legend Of Korra" season 4 on the way as well, the show's creators have plenty of time to focus on a character other than Korra for a bit without feeling cramped -- many thought the show's first season felt rushed. We can't wait to see what Bei Fong will bring to season 3 of "Legend Of Korra."

UPDATE: A new "Legend Of Korra" season 3 spoiler image has hit the web! The image is once again brought to us by one of the co-creators Bryan Konietzko. The image shows a straight-faced Bolin with the animals of "Korra" by his side. Check it out below!

legend of korra season 3 spoilers Bolin and crew (Photo: Bryan Konietzko)

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