The "Korra" season 2 release date won't arrive until fall 2013, but the spoilers won't stop leaking. With the script completed and animation in progress, members of the "Legend of Korra: Book 2" team leaked plot details at the Momocon animation convention's "Avatar" forum. Read on fore more "Korra" season 2 release date news and spoilers.

The latest "Korra" season 2 release date spoilers come from voice actor Steve Blum (who plays the main villain, Amon, in season 1 of "Legend of Korra"), Sifu Kisu (a martial arts and eastern philosophy consultant who helped developed air bending for "Avatar") and Sifu Rodriguez (another consultant who developed Toph's earth bending fighting style for the original series). The Avatar fan event and panel sounds like it may have been the highlight of Momocon 2013, an anual three-day anime, animation and gaming convention held in Atlanta, Georgia each March.

The biggest "Korra" season 2 release date spoiler came from Sifu Kisu, who revealed that he's helped develop a new subset of air bending (sounds like it may be something similar to the way that blood bending was introduced as a subset of water bending method in "Legend of Korra" season 1). Sifu Kisu also revealed that he knows the identity of Republic City police chief Lin Beifong, but wouldn't spill the beans. We already know that her mother is Toph from the original Avatar series, but her father could be a already-established character or a totally new one.

Beyond the "Korra" season 2 release date, one Avatar fan asked the panel if a "Legend of Korra" movie was in the works. Steve Blum, who may or may not appear in the new episodes (most likely not since he killed himself along with his brother at the end of the season 1 finale), responded that he wouldn't want one to be made. However, since he probably wouldn't be in it that doesn't mean it's not a possibility.

Our "Korra" season 2 release date spoilers source is Explosions of Geekiness, a Tumblr blog belonging to an Avatar fan who went to the Momocon event. Check out tons of photos from the panel here and read her full blog entry below:

"Holy sh*t you guys...the Avatar/Korra panel at Momocon yesterday was so awesome. Steve Blum, Sifu Kisu, and Sifu Rodriguez (consultant for Toph) was there. Everyone had great questions (except for the one girl who just HAD to ask for autographs...), and we "learned" a few things coming up. (I put learn in quotations because it was hinted at and never really said.)

"Firstly, we're gonna be getting a sub-bending form of airbending! Kisu said it was going to blow our minds. MY MIND IS READY TO BE BLOWN. Also, he totally knows who Lin's daddy is, but he was tight-lipped, so we're gonna find out soon enough I'm sure. Then when someone asked about who they would cast in a Korra movie, Sifu refused to say anything and he said we'd see why later...I'm not sure how I'd feel about a Korra movie. Steve said he wouldn't want one done.

"Adriana aka tinysaurus was there! She gave Steve a CD of all the Disney songs she's modified to make Korra themed. She was literally tiny and cosplaying as Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service. So cute!" [Emphasis added].

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Another "Korra" season 2 release date spoiler that's got us excited for "Legend of Korra: Book 2" leaked at Emerald City Comic-Con, where Avatar voice actor Grey DeLisle revealed some information concerning new characters. Tumblr blogger Sea-Dilemma broke the story after meeting DeLisle at the conference. Here's her report:

Filmeditor16 with Grey Delisle at Emerald City Comic Con! Grey was funny and and very nice and really pretty (prettier than her photos!). She did Azula and Vicki from "Fairly Odd Parents" for us, and signed five things for us and took a picture and gave us all hugs! She has a fan for life in us! She gave us scoop on season 2 of TLOK. She said that she is doing three characters, and that one is the younger version of an established character who had a traumatic event happen to her, and we're thinking LIN! [Emphasis added].

That's two "Korra" season 2 release date spoilers about Lin BeiFong in a row. Sounds like the earth bending Police Chief will be play a central role in the new episodes, and we're definitely not complaining about it. Lin was definitely one of our favorite characters from Book 1, thanks to her awesome grappling hooks and impressive bending skills.

If, like us, you're salivating over these "Korra" season 2 release date spoilers you may want to take a few deep breaths and remind yourself that the new episodes won't air until fall 2013 at best. At a recent Nickelodeon Upfront press event we got some somewhat depressing news.

The only news of the Legend of Korra season 2 release date premiere as found in Nickelodeon event's press release, which notes that, "For the 2013-14 season, the network will also roll out new episodes of returning hit animated series, including season two of The Legend of Korra."

Meanwhile, show co-creator Bryan Konietzko recently responded to what we imagine was an incessant stream of questions from Avatar fans concerning the Korra season 2 release date.

Here's his response via his public Tumblr:

"A year later... you're all still mad the show is not out yet... and Korra is still a badass. Thanks for caring enough to be mad and for following this blog!" argued Konietzko, noting that "attacking the show's creators "is akin to being mad at a tree for not growing apples fast enough."