The "Legend Of Korra" season 2 release date may be coming much sooner than originally suspected. Nickelodeon, the cable channel that broadcasts the animated series, recently showed a short clip of the new show to a small group of fans and journalists. The teaser clip of the "Legend Of Korra" revealed several new themes set to be introduced to the series. Although Nickelodeon isn't commenting on details surrounding the series, the broadcast company made it clear at a recent convention that the official "Legend of Korra" season 2 release date will occur "later this year."

The "Legend Of Korra" season 2 release date was originally suspected to occur before the end of May, but as time continues to pass, the possibility of it airing before the end of the month seems less likely. IGN reporter Eric Goldman was recently shown a short clip from the series, and here's exactly how he described it:

"The sequence we saw found Korra battling one of these spirits, initially just seen as dark tentacles, surrounded by a purple energy, coming out of the ground on a hillside. Korra asks, "Spirit, why are you so angry? What have we done to offend you?", only for the tentacles to violently knock her aside, as they do to anyone else who attempts to help her, including Tenzin and an adult, male Water Tribe member I didn't recognize at a glance.

Then, the full octopus-like creature rises out of the ground, and begins moving down the hill, utlimately crashing through a fence into a carnival being held, as Korra pursues it. On the offense, Korra shoots the creature with fireballs and begins to get the upper hand, but she is suddenly grabbed by one of its tentacles, and smashed down into the ground. And... we cut to black, for now."

The "Legend Of Korra" season 2 clip that was recently shown at a Nickelodeon press conference was apparently unfinished, which is why it's still currently unavailable to the public. The newest clip of the "Legend of Korra" is only the second clip that's known of. The first "Legend Of Korra" season 2 clip was revealed at San Diego Comic-Con 2012. Although clips and artwork are already circulating the Internet, it's clear that there will be plenty of surprises in the second season of "Legend Of Korra."

Details about the second season of "Legend Of Korra" has been guarded closely by its writers and everyone else working on the project. Fans of the show have known for a long time that the series runs in groups of 12-14 episodes called "books" that each tell a standalone story. In the "Legend Of Korra" season two, there will be 14 different episodes, and the overarching theme of the series will be based on "spirits." Aside from small details surrounding the series, almost no information is available about the the upcoming storyline.

Although Nickelodeon has finally admitted that the show is coming before the end of the year, it's still unclear exactly how soon it will be out. Our friends over at recently noted how easily it is to get wrapped up in the wild rumors being thrown around on various comment boards and blogging sites.

"Whether these rumors are sprouting from Wikipedia, Tumblr or even Comment Boards is not really a concern. What is a concern, however, is that most of the Avatar Community seems to be running with whatever release date their eyes fall on," reports "As of right now, there is no set release date for Book 2. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. If you're a part of the Avatar Community on Tumblr, you're probably right about ready to slap yourself since you've likely been misled so many times."

In a similar fashion, we can only suggest that you consume your "Legend of Korra" season 2 rumors with a huge grain of salt. Unless the information is coming directly from someone working at Nickolodeon, it's hard to trust the rumors as credible. The one reassuring thing about the wild "Legend Of Korra" season 2 rumors flying around the Internet, however, is that a sound engineer from the show recently posted about the series on his personal Tumblr page.

Sound engineer Aran Tanchum wrote, "Music, sound effects and foley spotting session for a Legend of Korra Book 2 episode with Mike, Bryan, Ben and Jeremy."

The short entry suggests that the "Legend of Korra" season 2 is simply having the finishing touches put on it. It's also fair to assume that the "Legend Of Korra" season 2 is nearly finished with post-production work, as IGN also noted the excellent quality of the clip that they were shown despite the fact that the clip was not released to the public. When we talked to our friend Dan Krysa, who works as an audio engineer, here's what he had to say about the editing process:

"Yeah [Legend of Korra season 2 is almost finished] especially if they're doing sound effects and foley. But that's a lot of work and sounds very ambiguous. All three of those things take teams of people and lots of time. I could confidently say that 100% of the time, foley is only cut when after the scene is edited."

Although it's still unclear what the official "Legend Of Korra" season 2 release date will be, it's safe to assume that the series will have plenty of other surprises beyond its first official broadcast date. New characters are expected to be one of the most highly anticipated parts of the upcoming show. We got our first look at the new female character when show co-creator Bryan Konietzko leaked a screenshot on his Tumblr. The image shows Eska talking to Bolin. Based on her outfit, we also have a feeling she may be from the Water Tribe, though we can't say if she's a bender or not.

"Bryan Konietzko recently reblogged a stylized portrait of Korra's uncle Unalaq with his son Desna and his daughter, whose previously-unknown name Konietzko revealed to be Eska. Tangentially, this means that Alyson Stoner's reported character of 'Opal' is not the female 'Creepy Twin,' and possibly increases the likelihood that Opal will not appear until season 3 of The Legend of Korra," reports Michal Schick of Hypable.

The "Legend Of Korra" season 2 release date likely won't occur until the fall, but we're still hoping that there's a chance the series premieres sometime in the summer. Regardless, we'll be scouring the Internet for the latest "Legend Of Korra" season 2 news as more information becomes available.