A "Legend Of Korra" season 2 release date has been long awaited by Avatar fans, though maybe this soundtrack leak can tide us over. The Wall Street Journal blog Speakeasy has provided us with a song from the upcoming album "The Legend Of Korra: Original Music From Book One." Arriving July 16, the soundtrack leak only gets us more excited for book 2 to hit Nickelodeon. The "Legend Of Korra" season 2 release date has still yet to be announced though we hope the series comes back some time soon. Sure we'll scoop up this soundtrack, but what we really want is some hint of a "Legend Of Korra" season 2 release date. Make that happen Nickelodeon, k thanks.

"Legend Of Korra" was released over a year ago in 2012. The show takes place after the events of "Avatar: The Last Airbender" (cartoon, we don't talk about the movie here). Taking place in Republic City, in "Korra" we see what kind of issues the Avatar deals with in a more modern day setting. Because of the time period it's set in, the problems Korra and her friends face tend to have real-world counterparts.

We imagine once the "Legend Of Korra" season 2 release date rolls around we can expect more of this.

An exclusive Nickelodeon clip was recently discovered and leaked online. In the video we see Korra fighting dark looking monsters. It's possible that these are the "spirits" referenced in the second season's subtitle. Unfortunately the exclusive clip makes no mention of the "Legend Of Korra" season 2 release date.

With the show's great score, "Original Music From Book One" could shape up to be a great album. The first leaked track, "Republic City Under Attack," already brings back memories of Amon-fighting fun and a bendin' good time.

What are you looking forward to in the upcoming "Legend Of Korra" season 2? Drop us a line in the comments!

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